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Shina Nova


Proud Indigenous✊🏼👆🏼 Inuuvunga, I am Inuk Throat singer shina@dulcedo.com



My grandparents are residential school survivors. My grandfather never had the chance to tell his story. We will never know what he had gone through in those horrific schools.

During our healing journey, we throat sing. We share our stories through our songs.

We must acknowledge the truth and keep using our voices for those who didn’t make it back home and for those who went through those horrific experiences. We use our voices for those who are suffering the inter-generational trauma that has and is continuously being passed down.

Truth and Reconciliation is not only about hearing the stories of survivors but acknowledging what they’ve been through. My grandfather didn’t have to share his story for us to understand. Our heart goes to all. We hear without hearing. We are here for you.

Giving a safe space, Artist Carey Newman created the Witness Blanket to make sure that history is never forgotten. The art piece contains hundreds of items reclaimed from residential schools, churches and more. These stories are painful, as it is important and informative. We need to know the truth to move forward. Now, you can access the digital Witness Blanket thanks to a partnership between Carey Newman, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and
@telus . This is accessible to anyone online and I encourage you to take a look for yourself: www.WitnessBlanket.ca
So grateful to be part of @reitmans fall campaign starring strong women🙌🏼 I was always raised and surrounded by powerful women 💪🏼 #Reitmans #ad
My favorite @Adore Me pieces, everything is comfy, and the colors are perfect for spring:)
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