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My skin has not been the same! @amlactinofficial  has changed my skincare for together. I have to say my elbows and knees has lightened up so much! And my skin textures has improved drastically! No more flakey or scaley skin! My skin is hydrated, glowy, and smooth! Head to your nearest Target, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens to get your Amlactin Daily Nourish 12% Lactic Lotion! #ad #iamlactinready #amlactinpartner #amlactindaily #amlactinlotion #CapCut #bodycare #bodycareroutine #bodycareproducts #hydratedskin #dryskintips #dryskinroutine  created by SheisSoloraya | UGC CREATOR with 's All Night
Houston we have a problem! @Meek’s Vegan Pizza did not come to okay with their world renowned VEGAN PIZZA! I never tasted vegan pizza this good before.
Meeks pizza is a black own vegan pizzeria located in Houston Texas. They have over 8 specialized pizza and you can customize your own pie as well. All of their cheese and sauce is home made! And 100% vegan! The pizza I ordered was the meat head pizza. What’s amazing about the cheese us that it doesn’t leave an aftertaste!

Full of flavor & taste! Legit I am floored! Making me reconsider becoming vegan now lol!!!
WHEN IN HOUSTON GRAB A PIE AT @meeksveganpizza ! Tell ‘em Soraya sent you!!
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Walking in my truth Part 1: I had an abortion.
Something I never thought I would be in. I’ve heard other women who experienced it but didn’t think I would be one of them.

I carried this guilt, shame, disgust, anger, sadness for a while. I didn’t know how to go about it or handle it. I was embarrassed and felt as it no one would understand what I’m going through and most importantly I felt like I disappointed God. I walked around with a label.

I didn’t want to speak about it. I didn’t want to share my story. I didn’t want to put myself in blast. I was mute. I was quite. And I was in bondage. I was held captive by my decision. I felt tormented. After my abortion I was very depressive. I was in isolation and didn’t know where to turn but to God. The stripping, the crying, the screams, the stomach pains, the shame, guilt, dirty were symptoms of my isolation. I didn’t have a safe space to truly share what I went through.

This past weekend was the first time I felt relief, peace, and deliverance from my abortion. I want to publicly say thank you to @thelatoyamathews who spoke life over me. Who reminded me .. Yes I had an abortion but it doesn’t abort the purpose. That hit me hard! Because I Thought my purpose was dead. And it was not!!! There is healing in speaking your truth and being real when you are in a safe space to do so. And I can confidently say I am not walking with regret, shame, guilt no longer. I am free. God has forgiven me and I finally forgiven myself.

If you ever been through this, please know:
👉🏾you are not alone
👉🏾your decision does not define who you are
👉🏾does not stop Gods purpose and calling on your life
👉🏾God loves you
👉🏾you are still worthy

There are resources and support groups if you are needing help in this area. Please feel free to reach out to me. Save and share with someone who may need this ❤️
Stay tuned for Part 2!

#abortion #forgiveness #healing #abortion #testimony #walkinginmytruth #godsdaughter #godisgood #godisfaithful #godisincontrol
I had a great yoga class @ @YOGASIX Official ! Definitely going to incorporate yoga into my routine weekly! Trying different workouts to stretch and release tension in my body! #yogasixheights #yogasix #getyouryogaon #blackgirlsinyoga #houstonheighta #dayinmylifevlog
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