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Shaun Campbell 2.0


Building Bodies Naturally WorkoutWarriorFIT.com

11.5 weeks until the IDFA Universe. I took this clip last night during my back and biceps workout. The cutting phase for the Guest Posing starts soon. I will see you all on stage December 16.

👉 IDFA Universe registration and info at www.IDFA.ca. Register before Oct 22 and save!!!

👉 Shaun @shauncampbell2.0

👉 tank top @officialworkoutwarrior

👉 IDFA competitions at IDFA.ca


🌐 Learn More: Visit http://www.IDFA.ca to explore the world of International Drug Free Athletics, find nearby shows, or participate in online events.

Upcoming 2023 IDFA Competitions:

LIVE Competitions:
🗓️ Oct 15 - IDFA Montreal (Amateur & Pro) - Montreal, QC
🗓️ Oct 22 - IDFA Warrior Classic - Vaughan, ON
🗓️ Dec 16 - IDFA Universe (Amateur & Pro) - Vaughan, ON

ONLINE Competitions:
🗓️ Nov 18 - ONLINE IDFA Worlds

🌍 Open to Athletes Worldwide:
All our competitions are IDFA PRO-QUALIFIERS and welcome athletes from across the globe. Plus, each event features the inspiring IDFA Transformation Challenge.

🔵🔵 Join the IDFA ROOM:
Connect with fellow IDFA Athletes in our private Facebook Group – the IDFA ROOM. It’s the hub for discussing all things IDFA, from past experiences to future plans. Join now at 🔗 https://www.facebook.com/groups/IDFAroom

See you on Stage or in the Seats!

Stay Inspired,

Shaun Campbell
Founder / Owner of IDFA since 2005
Pro Natural Bodybuilder

#idfa #idfauniverse #naturalbodybuilding #naturalathletes #guestposing #leadbyexample #barbellshrugs #workoutwarrior #fyp

@Official Workout Warrior
🔥 Conquer the IDFA Natural Bodybuilding Stage: Prove the Doubters Wrong! 🔥

Do YOU have Big Dreams and the fire to Prove the Doubters Wrong! This is YOUR moment, and I'm here to fuel the fire even more!

Imagine the rush as you stand under those lights of the IDFA Stage, a living testament to your dedication and transformation. This journey is no ordinary one; it's about sculpting not just your body but your very spirit.

Every drop of sweat, every early morning alarm, every Tupperware container — it's all a testament to your unwavering commitment.

Resisting temptations becomes a Superpower. Choosing healthy meals over cravings! That's your anthem. You're redefining what's possible.

Prove the doubters wrong, and above all, prove it to YOURSELF. Just like tackling the goal of a marathon, conquering the IDFA stage is the new challenge – the new Gold Standard, a testament to your strength, discipline, and raw greatness. You're not just competing; you're blazing a trail for those who Dare to Dream!

From first timers to seasoned veterans, the IDFA is YOUR stage. It offers it all: Transformation Challenge, Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Figure, Fitness Model, and Bikini. It's a stage where Dreams turn into Reality.

Visit www.IDFA.ca to learn more about the International Drug Free Athletics. Embrace the challenge, ignite inspiration, and let the IDFA stage be your platform to showcase YOUR huge Achievement.

#fyp #ProveDoubtersWrong #ElevateYourJourney #IDFA #naturalathlete #naturalbodybuilding #proveittoyourself #doitforyou #journey #transformation
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