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Medusa Hair Alchemist


Blonding and Blended Brunette specialist; Customized color&cuts in Houston TX

Shifting into a different shade for the season has been a tradition since as long as I’ve been a stylist. In Houston it can feel a little weird to want a ‘fall’ color when it’s still in the upper 90’s temp wise, but we do what we gotta do, right?

A trend I’m seeing this fall is a shift towards more of a bronde, lived in look. Not quite as dark as a brunette, but not super Barbie blonde either. It’s a great way to transition your color without being really dramatic.

Thinking of switching it up for the holidays? Check the link in my bio for information on how to book!

• Colored using @schwarzkopfpro and Styled with @davinesnorthamerica

•Link in bio for booking and information on services/pricing
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These are the 4 most common mistakes I discover when teaching someone how to get the best curls using a hot tool. Most of us are in a rush when getting ready, and we tend to breeze past a few of the steps necessary to make curls actually hold.

✨ Section sizing: I know it seems like taking large sections makes it go faster, but you’re actually just wasting your time. Large sections won’t evenly heat, so you’ll just wind up with flat curls. The sections shouldn’t be any larger than the barrel of your iron. Think about like a roll of cookie dough, if you just plop it on a baking sheet the outside will burn, and the inside will be raw. You’ve got to have smaller bits to evenly heat up.

✨ Not using product: This is a wild one, especially in Houston’s humidity. You MUST use product if you expect your curls to last. Yeah there’s every now and again that unicorn who has hair that will hold without product, but let’s be real. It ain’t most of us. I myself am not one who enjoys using a ton of products, so I look for multi tasters. Aka products with hold AND heat protection. (Heat protection is MANDATORY!)

✨ Temperatures too high: yeah I know you think the hotter the quicker, but this is only true if you want to burn your toner off and fry your hair. Turn the temps down and hold the hair on the iron a few seconds longer. It’s only a few more seconds, not hours of time you’re spending extra.

✨ Not letting the curls cool before brushing: this is one of the surefire ways to have your efforts go to waste. Don’t brush them out until they’re completely cooled down. This means they have ‘set’. If you comb out your curl before it’s set, they will go flat in no time, and usually right in front of your eyes. Instead, spray with hairspray, apply your lipstick or whatever, then comb out. (And spray again for best results).

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments!!
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