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Shane Jeremy James


Founder of Actions Of Compassion brand! Talking Businesss, Mindset, Compassion



Does your business have a healthy margin? I explain in this video what makes a company healthy!

Remember, a healthy margin is sustainable over the long term and requires consistent monitoring and adjustment to remain competitive and profitable.

Tips on how a business can create a healthy margin!

Increase prices: If your prices are lower than your competitors or do not cover your costs, consider raising them to create a healthier margin. However, it's essential to do this strategically and ensure that customers are still willing to pay for your products or services.

Reduce costs: Look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, such as negotiating with suppliers for better prices, optimizing your supply chain, or reducing waste and unnecessary expenses.

Expand your customer base: Explore new markets or demographics to increase sales and revenue. You can also consider offering new products or services to your existing customers.

Streamline operations: Improve operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, improving your workflow, or adopting new technologies that save time and money.

Focus on high-margin products or services: Identify the products or services that generate the most profit and focus on promoting or selling them.

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The challenge of becoming an entrepreneur with Pelagia Komni Ⓥ 🌱 From The Original Vegan Business Talk Podcast at actionsofcompassion.com

Have you ever wanted to explore Greek food with a vegan twist?
Welcome Pelagia Komni, a vegan lifestyle coach, trained vegan Chef, and the Co-Founder of Greek Appetite; a blog about Greece & Veganism. She offers private coaching to help vegan foodies create balanced vegan meals, introduce variety in their weekly meals and supports newbies & curious foodies who want to experiment with easy, quick, and delicious plant-based recipes for health, wellness, or other reasons.

Alongside her sister, Mary, they have created a community of over 5,200 foodies across social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).who are interested in discovering and enjoying the vegan lifestyle with a Greek twist. Their cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan” provides authentic Greek vegan/veganized, colorful, mostly plant-based, and healthy recipes!

Greek Appetite CEO and Founder highlights and discusses:
Helping people go Vegan with a Greek element and an emphasis on health.
Building strong relationships through networking to build a successful brand.
The trials and successes of starting a coaching and nutrition program in the vegan space.

Listen or watch the full Episode 62 with Pelagia Komni https://lnkd.in/gpUUjJGx

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