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Sew Liberated


Craft your mindful wardrobe with our inspiring sewing patterns and courses. 🧵🪡



Have you been dreaming up your perfect Joanie Top? Which view will you choose? Or are you planning to combine a few details from each for something new? Whichever collar, sleeve length, or hem you choose, Joanie is true closet staple you can wear for seasons and years to come.✨ And remember, Joanie and all patterns and classes are still 3 0 % O F F for a little bit longer! #sewing #sewliberated #JoanieTop #mindfulwardrobe #sewingtiktok #sewliberatedpatterns  created by Sew Liberated with LAKEY INSPIRED's Warm Nights
Well it’s storming here today, but yesterday was perfect for my go-to spring outfit, #estuaryskirt + #bedrocktee

As much as I love the cozy winter months, the change in seasons always helps me reflect on so much, from what I’m wearing and why, to the kind of person I’m hoping to continue to grow to be. It’s always the right season for setting new goals and showing yourself and those around you kindness.
#sewing #sewliberated #ootd #sewingtiktok
When designing the #BedrockTee , I wanted it to layer beautifully both under AND over a sleeveless #hinterlanddress . The curved hem of View B is also designed to look fantastic over the #EstuarySkirt , #ArenitePants + #ArthurPants .

My goal here at Sew Liberated is not to make one-off designs, but to thoughtfully curate a collection of designs that help you build your wardrobe with pieces that are comfortable + that work well together ... all with a fun, creative vibe. If eccentric art teacher is your vibe, WE GOT YOU. 😜

To help you round out your artful Spring wardrobe, everything on Sew Liberated (including courses) is on S A L E. 🥳

Wearing: #BedrockTee in organic cotton jersey, linen #Hinterlanddress , linen #foragervest .
I know, I know, it's just me and the fluffy cat today. Sorry to disappoint those who were wanting more of Patrick's clueless style commentary. 🤣 He promises to return with more style-ambivalent expertise in the future.

Here I'm styling my cat fur ... I mean, my
#arthurpants and #stasiatee ... as a column of color (or lack thereof) under my hand-tailored #oslocoat . None of these are new makes, but they are well-loved and worn frequently.

Looking for more wardobe styling guidance? Hop over to the link in my profile and check out the Mindful Wardrobe Project. 🥰
#sewing #grwm #ootd #sewistsoftiktok #sewliberated
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