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David Serpa for Congress


USMC Veteran, Father, Businessman, & Author running for Congress as a Republican

I knew war was coming two years ago when President Biden got elected because I served under President Obama.

I attempted to organize an Inauguration Day Peace Rally only to have my permit revoked by the California Highway Patrol.

When people can’t organize for peace, war becomes inevitable. We have to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, or we will lose the ability to have them at all.

Free speech isn’t meant to protect comfortable speech. War is uncomfortable. Americans have become apathetic. We have tolerated bloodshed abroad, and now blood will pursue us.

We need to elect representatives who understand violence so they feel less comfortable legislating violence to others.

By tolerating sustained war profits for world oligarchs and members of Congress, and the over-manipulation of our dollar, we have welcomed physical and financial devastation.

Americans need to become the rational voice of peace, not irrational reactors to the violent world we have inherited.

#1 export should no longer be violence. We should not be financially aiding, and physically arming, both sides of every conflict while innocent people die.

The American government has used its power to perpetuate violence, instead of negotiating peace. The American people can do better.

We must take back control of our government.

Tomorrow, I carry an American Flag across my district, from the VFW Perris to the VFW Moreno Valley. Our problems are here.

#1A #CHP #FBI #J6 #Biden #Sacramento #Freedom #Sovereignty #Peace #VeteransforPeace #StandwithAmerica #VFW #ABC #Israel #Palestine #Ukraine #Russia #Haiti #Iran #WestAfrica #MiddleEast #Afghanistan #Warhawks #Warpigs #WW3 #MilitaryIndustrialComplex
The #oligarchs hate populism. It makes them incredibly nervous.

This is why the @Democratic National Convention is treating @Robert Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr the same way they treated @Bernie Sanders , @Tulsi Gabbard , and @Andrew Yang .

And the same way they treated @Donald Trump

#DNC #RFK #Trump #Renegades #Revolution
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