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Selma Sun News


SelmaSun.com Selma Sun News Selma - Dallas County

@governorkayivey via #Twitter says she has contacted the #POTUS
“ I just got off the phone with @POTUS following my visits to Dallas and Autauga Counties. I have asked him to expedite a major disaster declaration for Alabama. He assured me he will approve that as soon as he receives it. We are truly grateful!
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Selma City Council President Billy Young addresses citizens with new update.
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Selma was under a curfew Thursday night as officials and residents dug through the rubble of properties hit by the tornado that pushed through Selma Thursday afternoon.

No deaths have been reported.
SelmaSun.com Exclusive •
Soon after a tornado hit Selma on Thursday, reports circulated that preschool children at Crosspoint Church were injured when their school collapsed.
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Their building did collapse, but no child was injured.

Burnsville resident Tom Nichols says it was a miracle.

In an exclusive interview with the Selma Sun about two hours after the tornado hit, Nichols recalled watching the tornado hit the school.

Nichols the was eating at Jack’s on Dallas Avenue when the sky started to look menacing. As he and his brother were headed to their truck, they saw a funnel cloud headed for them and raced to their truck, pulling over behind a carport on Chisolm to wait for it to pass.

It picked their truck up several times, smashing the back window. They left the truck and saw the tornado hit the old sanctuary of Crosspoint Church where the preschool meets every day. They ran to the school to check on the 50 children who go to school there, pushing through heavy rain that made it hard to see.

As they got there, they were hit by the heavy smell of gas and sound of children screaming. They worried the building would set on fire and rushed to get the children and teachers out.

Nichols said all the children were OK - the only injury was a small scratch on a little girl’s arm.

Listen to Tom tell his harrowing story at Selmasun.com and here.
The National Weather Service reports that a "large and extremely dangerous" #tornado is currently in #tornadosirenhunting .

Officers from the Dallas County Sheriff's Office and the Selma Police Department earlier reported at least one tornado on Alabama 22, west of Craig Field airport.

Damage has also been confirmed by the National Weather Service and emergency personnel are responding. Spann has shared images of damage reported in southwest Selma.

The Dallas County Emergency Management has reported that a tornado is headed to the Burnsville community.
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