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Selina Almodovar


Christian Relationship 4x Author & Coach Faith, Love & Relationship Tips & Talk

POV when your past isn’t clean and you’re trying to start fresh…

I used to be the total opposite of the girl I am today back then.

I had relationships that would consume me, my time, my attention, etc. I used to heavily idolize those relationships and I felt completely lost and abandoned whenever I got dumped and would lose them.

Flash forward to my now situation: My good thing with my good man, all coming from my good God. But still, there was fear. There was this notion of “what goes around, comes around” still lingering in my head. I didn’t want to mess up my good thing but how would you know for sure that the past stays in the past?

God. That’s how. Through God.

Praying builds your trust in Him. Seeking Him through His word builds confidence that God truly is who He says He is.

You can start taking these steps with my free handout, “The Single Woman’s Bible Roadmap”. In it contains 20 Bible verses that you can quickly go to whenever you are faced with a struggling moment in your single season.

By getting familiar with who God is, and getting comfortable receiving all the good that He has for you, you’ll come to realize that your past doesn’t have power to keep you stuck from receiving the blessings of your future!

Download the free handout, Single Woman’s Bible Roadmap today! Comment ROADMAP and ill send you the link!!

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3 More Conversations You Should Be Having👇🏼

5. Self-care focus: what do you need this week? What does your partner need? Whether it’s time, space, a night off, a bubble bath, an accountability partner to make sure they make it to the gym, etc. How are you both helping each other take care of yourself?

1. Weekly goals: what is ONE THING that you both can work on in the upcoming week? Is it something related to work? Perhaps something to check off that good ol’ Honey-do list… stop overwhelming each other with all the things that have yet to get done and focus on the one thing.

1. Sex-life: It’s important, it’s essential, and you need to talk about it! Women’s cycles can and will change on a weekly basis so knowing what to expect, what each other needs, and what you both are willing/not willing to do on a weekly basis will help this area of your life grow and stay good! 👍🏼

Whether you have these conversations over dinner, on a date night, or each week at a certain time on a certain day (for us it’s Fridays!), these talks need to happen! How you check-in with each other is crucial to how you make your relationship thrive!

Wanna know some other areas of your relationship that need an update?? Download my FREE handout, “Rate Your Relationship”! It’s a relationship health wheel that will allow you and your partner to gauge where you both stand regarding important areas of your relationship. And it’s yours to use (and have a conversation about!) for FREE when you download it today!

DM the word RATE and ill send you the link to download!!

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