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Chronic pain relief clinic in Milwaukee, WI

My wife loves @Jessie James Decker and thought i should make a video about her pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome and how there IS hope for her to not wear braces on her wrists to “fix” it.

Adhesion comes from overuse/underrecovery of the muscles, acting like a cast over the not-yet-healed muscles to allow them to heal acfter activity.

The difference between adhesion and a cast when you break your bone is a big one—the adhesion doesnt go away.

It sticks around, not allowing the muscle tissue it covers to work, so you have less healthy tissue to do work and overuse is a LITTLE bit lore likely the next time you use those muscles.

Since adhesion can he difficult to fix, finding an adhesion specialist is your best bet to eliminate your symptoms and improve your function PERMANENTLY

@Kittenish #pregnancylife #pregnancyproblems #pregnancycarpaltunnel #carpaltunnelsyndrome #carpaltunnelrelief #carpaltunnelsyndrometreatment #milwaukee #wisconsin
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