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🚨 The Reality of Corporate Priorities 🚨
Let's talk numbers: When the Big Three automakers can allocate $5 BILLION for stock buybacks and hand out exorbitant salaries to their CEOs, you have to ask—where do the workers fit into this equation? 🤔
The answer should be clear: If companies have billions to reinforce shareholder wealth and pad executive pockets, they undoubtedly have the resources to pay United Auto Workers (
#UAW ) a fair wage. It's not a question of capability; it’s a question of priority. 💸

The time for half-measures and empty promises is OVER. Fair wages are not a bonus or a privilege; they are a RIGHT. Period. We cannot let corporations hoard wealth at the expense of the people who create it: the auto workers who are the backbone of the industry. 🛠️

This glaring disparity is not just an issue; it’s an injustice. And injustices like these are why we continue to organize, unionize, and demand what is owed. Our labor is valuable, and it's time our paychecks reflect that. 💪🏽✊🏿

Join us in standing in solidarity with UAW auto workers fighting for the compensation they deserve. Enough is enough!
#SolidaritySeason #FairWagesNow #StandUpUAW #CorporateGreed #AutoWorkersUnite #RespectProtectPay
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