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Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd defends, conserves, and protects the ocean.



Happy #internationalwomensday !🎉

Today, we celebrate all the amazing women involved in our movement, from crew members at sea and on-shore volunteers to staff members and all of our loyal supporters around the world! 👏

Whether you’re passionate about marine conservation, environmental activism or just want to make a positive impact in the world, there’s a place for you in the Sea Shepherd community.🏴‍☠️

Check out ways to get involved via the link in our bio📌

#volunteer #seashepherd #activism #fortheocean #sscs #crew
Departure Day #OperationAntarcticaDefense ⛴️

After months of hard work, meticulous planning and preparation our crew on the Allankay was ecstatic to finally set sail for Antarctica last month.

👉 We have some big updates coming soon!

Stay tuned by signing up to our weekly newsletter via the link in bio.📌

🎥 Salomé Tordjman / Sea Shepherd

#AntarcticaDefense #seashepherd #marineconservation #fortheocean #crew #sscs #ship #antarctica
🚨#BREAKING - Three Fishing Vessels Arrested by Navy Marks Our Return to Sierra Leone ✊

Earlier this year, our crew on the Age of Union assisted the Sierra Leone Navy in arresting two trawlers and a purse seiner for illegal fishing in national waters.

The resumption of Operation Sierra Leone Coastal Defense marks almost two years since our joint patrols with the Navy that netted five vessels in less than 50 hours❗️

📌 Find out more via the link in our bio.

None of our actions would be possible without your generous support - and there are many ways to do so! Have you donated in the past or considered donating? 💙

#stopiuufishing #seashepherd #poachersbeware #marineconservation #fortheocean
📣 New Ship, New Campaign: On Our Way Back to #Antarctica❗️📣
Due to current threats facing Antarctica and the marine life that depends on it, we are returning to our old battlegrounds in the Southern Ocean.

Operation Antarctica Defense, the inaugural campaign of our brand-new ship, the Allankay, builds on our long record of accomplishments in defending this unique ecosystem, which is a vital keystone in the health of our planet.

📌Read the full article via the link in our bio and stay tuned to find out more soon‼️

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