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🌟 Ladies 40 and over, experiencing Perimenopause/Menopause symptoms this one's especially for you! 🌟

🔥 NOW is the time to focus on building your body, supporting your metabolism, and maintaining muscle. Say goodbye to extremes; your body deserves better!

💪 Embrace the truth: losing muscle becomes a reality as we enter this new phase of life. Let's break free from that cycle of lost muscle mass.

💕 Your dream of a toned and fit body is within reach, but it requires fuelling your body, preserving, and building muscle. Let go of that unrealistic goal weight; it's time to prioritise your health over numbers on a scale. Extreme diets won't support your metabolism, and cardio/boot camp classes won't build muscle or balance your hormones.

🌈 The good news? You hold the power to achieve your health and fitness goals in this phase of life.

Join me as I teach you how to build the body you desire through effective nutrition & exercise. Let's make it happen together! 💪💜 Drop a ❤️ if this hits!

Much Love

Coach Clodagh


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Ladies if you're experiencing struggles like weight gain, stubborn belly fat, low energy, bloating, and perimenopausal symptoms, you're not alone! 💕

The things that worked in our 20s and 30s might not be as effective now. Our bodies are going through changes, and that fight or flight response is kicking in.

Constantly restricting calories, skipping meals, cutting carbs, poor sleep, over-exercising, and always dieting are only adding unnecessary stress to our bodies. We could be losing essential muscle, affecting our metabolism, and hindering its natural function.

Remember, you can't tone your body without muscle! Fat cannot be toned, but building and maintaining muscle is crucial. Studies show that resistance training just three times a week can make a significant difference in increasing lean weight, boosting your resting metabolic rate, and reducing fat weight in just 12 weeks.

It's a new chapter for us! With the right strategy, tools, and mindset, we can achieve our goals and feel amazing. You have the potential to thrive, gain incredible energy, build confidence, and feel better than ever before. Let's make positive changes and heal our metabolism to become toned and fit!

As a coach, I specialise in teaching women how to optimise their metabolism to efficiently burn fat, let go of the diet mentality, and build the body they desire through effective nutrition and exercise.

Drop a 💜 to learn more about my 1:1 Fitness & Nutrition program. Let's embark on this transformative journey together! Follow @sculptstrong_fitness for effective strategies that work for us in midlife! 😊💪

Much Love ❤️

Coach Clodagh
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Time to Prioritise You! 🌟

As mothers, we often feel guilty investing in ourselves. 💔 It might be lacking self-belief or making excuses. But here's the truth: you deserve to invest in your well-being, just like you invest in your child's activities. 🎊

You see the value in guiding your little ones through fun and enriching extra-curriculars like piano lessons, sports, and dance. It builds their confidence and helps them learn new skills. 🌈 But what about your health, mental well-being, and physical fitness?

Let's peel back the layers. 💭 You're willing to splurge on that latest Nike top or treat yourself to nails, shoes, or handbags. So why not invest in your own health? 🌺

It's time to break the disconnect and put yourself first. Prioritise your health, happiness, and self-care journey. 🌟 When you feel better, you'll show up better. When you move better, you'll build confidence and love how you show up. 💪🏼

You might have doubts about starting, fearing past failures. But guess what? You CAN do it! I'm here as your coach to provide guidance and confidence along the way. Together, we'll focus on the incredible benefits of getting stronger, not just being a number on the scale. 💕

👉🏼 Mums in your 40s, this is YOUR time! Take the first step and invest in yourself. You deserve to shine and feel amazing in your own skin! Drop me a DM and let's embark on this empowering journey together. 🤗

Much Love ❤️
Coach Clodagh


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If you’re a women 40 & over who is tired of constantly trying to lose weight save this one ☝🏻

I saw the biggest change in my own body when I moved away from the “I need to lose weight” mindset and shifted towards building muscle!

For years I tried to achieve the “toned” look and thought that spin classes and circuits and dieting would get me there!! Boy was I WRONG!! 😞

When I stopped trying to lose weight and started building muscle and fuelling my body it began to change shape! It began to “tone”. Total game changer!! 🤩🤯

Are you like I used to be, focusing on weight loss and the quickest way to lose it?

Let me explain why this is a problem if you are 40 and over 👇🏼

‼️ You are burning muscle not fat and in turn SLOWING DOWN your metabolism - NOT great for fat loss! 💀

So in your quest to actually look tighter and toned it’s backfired and you just look flabby and soft!! The total opposite of what you are trying to achieve!! 😤

Frustrating right? 😤

❇️ Ladies let go of weight loss and focus on FAT LOSS!


You can completely change the shape of your body without actually losing weight!!! That “toned” shapely and tight body you are looking for is achieved by burning fat, building muscle and fuelling your body appropriately!!! 🤯

I teach women how to do this ☝🏻I help them Ditch the diet mindset and focus on fat loss and building muscle so they become fat burning machines. 🔥🔥

Getting and keeping your ideal body is possible yes even post 40!!

Much love ❤️

Coach Clodagh
#sculptstrong_fitness #fitover40women #fatlossforwomenover40 #fitover40women #femalefatloss #perimenopauseweightloss #weightlossforwomenover40
Here are the top 3 mistakes I see women 40 and over make when trying to lose weight/fat ⬇️

‼️ Too much cardio
‼️ Extreme nutrition approaches (usually restriction and eating less)
‼️ Not managing stress and sleep

Ladies STOP 🛑

To get those scales moving and slip into your favourite clothes again here’s the secret 🤫 ⬇️

These approaches may have worked in your 20 & 30s but you need a new approach now as your body and hormones are changing which makes weight loss especially around the belly much more difficult.

You need to work with your body now not against it!!

❇️ You need the RIGHT stimulus - in order for your body shape to change you need the right stimulus and lots of cardio will NOT do that! You need to shift your focus to BUILDING MUSCLE. This will send the right signal to your body to actually change shape, to “tone up”, lift your bum, tighten the belly area and get rid of bingo wings. So focus on Lifting weights 🏋🏻‍♀️

❇️ You need a balanced approach to eating. Extreme diets are a stress on your body. This stress can actually make it harder for you to lose weight. As we age we don’t handle stress as well and yes restricting food and cutting out food groups is a stress on your body!! Your hormones are already changing so stop screwing them up even more by being extreme!!! Have a more balanced and flexible approach to your diet and just watch the weight drop!

❇️ Protect yourself from stress and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Stress and lack of sleep will really set those hormones off in a direction that is hard to turn back from. You need to manage both in order to be successful in weight loss over 40! And as you have more stress now and maybe lack of sleep due to changes in your hormones this becomes a huge piece to focus on!!

If you can understand the changes your body is going through and adjust exercise and diet accordingly, dropping a dress size or two and achieving your goals is possible.

If you’re stuck and need help then reach out I specialise in working with women 40 & over!

Much love ❤️

Coach Clodagh

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Ok, that’s a bit misleading. They somewhat matter but not as much as you think 🤔

But the thing is that the numbers aren’t nearly as important as your behaviours and Habits!

It’s all about establishing sustainable habits that are doable no matter what life throws at you. This is the foundation!

It’s also about who do you see yourself to be! Who is that women you see yourself to be on the future? Getting to know her will change your results instantly! If you don’t show up as her you are more likely to treat her poorly and make the poor decisions that got you to where you are today!

Your behaviours and habits now are considerably more important than calories and macros! By focusing only on the numbers you ignore the foundations you will likely crumble down the line!

This is the most common mistake that you make if you assume that you only need to change how much you are eating in order to change your body, you will struggle and eventually fail! Your results won’t last!

You’ve probably tried tons of diets that have told you what to eat and how to train but yet you’re not where you want to be yet! Why is that?

Likely because you haven’t done the work necessary to sustain it!

Permanent change is very different than creating a temporary result.

I teach you how to change your behaviours and habits, how to get in touch with your future self inside my Strong Female for Life Collective so that you’re body changes can be permanent not just temporary! Want in? Just DM me the word “collective” Let’s make your change permanent this time!

Much Love ❤️

Coach Clodagh
#femalefatloss #weightlossforwomeni #weightlossforwomeni #fitover40women #menopausefitness #perimenopausehealthf #sculptstrong_fitness #weightlossforwomenover40 #perimenopauseweightloss #fatlossforwomenover40
Ladies, your age isn’t the reason why your body fat isn’t shifting, your lifestyle and your daily habits are!

❗️You’re not moving as much as you did in your 20s
❗️You’re food choices are likely still the same as they were in your 20s (let’s face it those choices weren’t great!)
❗️You’re sitting up late at night trying to unwind with the next series on Netflix instead of prioritising enough quality sleep.
❗️You’re surviving off caffeine and sugar to “get you through” the day!
❗️You’re running through your day, stressed out like a frantic squirrel from pillar to post!
❗️You think that adding more cardio is the answer to getting the body you desire (it’s not!)
❗️You’d rather just jump on the next fad diet so you can lose weight for (insert event here) instead of making it a lifestyle thing because that requires work!

Your AGE is NOT the problem! It’s your choices, your habits, your decisions and your actions on a daily basis that ARE!

You CAN also turn this around! FAT GAIN IS NOT INEVITABLE ONCE YOU HIT 40!

I can show you how to make tweaks to your current lifestyle, your daily habits, make better nutrition choices and exercise smarter not harder with my latest program The Strong Female For Life Collective, specifically designed for women 40 & over. Simply drop me a DM and let’s see if you’re a good fit.

Much Love ❤️

Coach Clodagh @sculptstrong_fitness
#femalefatloss #weightlossforwomenw #weightlossforwomeni #femalefatlosscoach #fitover40women #menopausefitness #fitwomenover40 #perimenopausehealthf #fatlossforwomen #sculptstrong_fitness #strongnotskinny
Menopause and the menopause transition can be awful for some women. But if you are a woman who lifts weights and you’ll transition into menopause and have a better experience of menopause than women who don’t!


As we all know body fat can increase for women especially as they transition into and go through menopause. And lifting weights can actually help you burn body fat!! The less body fat you have the less mood swings you’ll have the less hot flashes you get, and the less body fat you will gain!! Yes!!

Here’s how:

🎉 You burn more calories outside of the gym! Once you start lifting weights you build muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn when you are literally sitting watching Netflix!! 🎉

🎉 Lifting weights reduces belly fat gain and we all know that menopause can bring belly fat gain! Building muscle will signal to your body to decrease belly fat.

Building muscle is the equivalent to wearing a corset!! It keeps everything nice and tight as especially as you age!

So build muscle if you want to weather the menopause that much better!! You deserve to thrive through menopause not just survive!!

And if you don’t know where to start just drop me a DM - it’s what I specialise in - helping women 40 and over thrive!!


Much love ❤️

Coach Clodagh
#femalefatloss #menopausefitness #fitover40women #weightlossforwomeni #fatlossforwomen #fitwomenover40 #strongwomenlift #WomenWhoLift #weightlossforwomenw #pullupsfordaysl
Talking to my Facebook group about how to break the Habit of Emotional Eating??

All habits are the same they have a trigger, a behaviour and a reward.

A trigger is something that signals to your brain that its time to engage in this pattern of behaviour. And honestly there is already a lot of behaviour in your life that is being triggered and you don’t even realise it.

Triggers are why bad habits are so hard to break and here’s why. Maybe you are participating in a month of not drinking, if you have a habit of pouring a glass of wine every night at 6pm, 6pm is not going away, and so you need to know that when 6pm rolls around, guess what’s going to happen?? You are going to be triggered to repeat your old habit because what does a habit have? It has a trigger, it has a behaviour, drink that glass of wine and then it has a reward, ahh that feels good. You can’t get rid of 6pm which is why when it comes to replacing behaviour you have to anticipate the trigger and replace the behaviour.

We cannot take away the things that trigger our current habits.

New habits allow you to change your response to existing triggers. When you get proactive about creating triggers, post it notes, visual cues, surrounding yourself with the right people, now you’re using triggers to your advantage.

Tell me what is your triggers for bad habits in the comments below 👇🏼

If you want to join my FREE Facebook community here 👇🏼


Much Love ❤️

Coach Clodagh
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Fitness done RIGHT often looks boring !!

You see all that fancy shit you see these so called influencers (who by the way mostly are not even qualified coaches) posting fancy exercises with booty bands and flipping kick backs on the stair master or doing strange things on resistance machines to grow their glutes and all this array of other bullshit that “looks fancy” (well to be fair looks flipping stupid in my opinion) that’s not how they actually train in order to look the way they do!

The “boring” stuff works, then stick it on repeat, progressively adding weight as you get stronger and boom 💥 you will see body composition changes come to fruition!!

You are not a magpie so stop looking for the next best shiny object! It doesn’t exist!!!


1. Hip Thrusts
2. Squats all kinds (back, front, goblet, sumo)
3. Deadlifts all kinds (stiff, RDL,conventional, sumo)
4. Lunges all kinds (Reverse, forward, static, split, elevated)
5. Bench Press ( incline, flat, decline)
6. Over head Press (BB, DB)
7. For Core (crunches, planks all variations, hanging leg raises, captains chair, Russian twists, reverse crunches, wood chops) to name a few but these are my favourites.
8. Pull-ups, chin-ups

Put these into a periodised program and progressively add on more weight as you get stronger. Simple. No tricks. No gimmicks, just repetitive movements that make the BIGGEST impact especially to a woman’s body!! And this is even more crucial to women 40 & over!!

Drop some ❤️ if you agree.

Much Love

Coach Clodagh
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