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The little guy taking a spin is a #Rotifer and it's taking a ride on some multicellular algae called volvox. 🟢 #green #stpatricksday 🔬 by @my.microscopic.world
#Mars ain’t the kind of place you wanna raise your kids. 👀 #science #HowTheUniverseWorks
At the summit of #MountKelimutu summit, there are three crater #lakes in three different colors. #WhatonEarth 💧 🌋
It’s #InternationalWomensDay ! We’re taking a closer look behind the lens of microbiologist @tardibabe 💖

Chloé Savard is a student in microbiology and immunology at the Université de Montréal who discovered the world of microscopy only 3 years ago. Chloé is dedicated to educating and raising awareness about the fragility of these tiny ecosystems while turning the imperceptible into a work of art. Using different filters and methods to illuminate her samples, Chloé can transform a single drop of water from a swamp into a landscape that looks otherworldly.

#WomensHistoryMonth #GirlBoss #STEM
#Dugongs are believed to be descendants of land mammals and they are more closely related to elephants than whales. #ocean #marinelife 🦭🐄
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