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Many people have seen our Gravy Baby reels on Instagram and TikTok but we haven’t really talked a lot about his health concerns. He may look healthy in his all of the videos and photos we have posted; however, these are showing how he is doing on his good days and now it is time to share some about his issues. We are asking for help to figure out what is happening to his sinuses.

Gravy Baby was surrendered to us at one of our adoption events on November 26th. From the first day, he had watery eyes and a leaky nose, which is not uncommon when intaking a new kitty that has been outside exposed to the elements of nature. As a team, we went back to where he was found and caught his sisters, Harvest, Stuffing and Cornucopia (who are almost ready for adoption) and TNR'd his parents back to their colony where they are thriving.

Unfortunately, shortly after receiving Gravy, we realized something was wrong, much more than the usual upper respiratory infection we tend to see kittens come into the rescue with. Gravy wasn’t gaining weight like his sisters and the right side of his nose constantly leaked a bit of fluid and blood. Of course, we got him into the veterinarian to be examined. They ran bloodwork and took a fecal sample. They listened to his chest, lungs and heart and said he seemed fine. Bloodwork was stellar. His fecal was clear as he has already been dewormed previously. The vet said it could be feline herpes so we got him on a lysine supplement, tobramycin/cerenia nose drops and started him on famciclovir as well as clavamox, which is a full spectrum antibiotic, as instructed. He took everything they could throw at him like a champ!

When the pills were all done, we brought him in again and the leaky nose with bloody fluid persisted. They did more labs and, officially, diagnosed him with feline herpes (no biggie) and sent us on our way with instructions to continue nose drops and lysine, change antibiotics from clav to clindamycin and start proviable, a probiotic for gut health since antibiotics can affect his gut. They also put him on pain meds just in case his sinuses were painful to him. Continued below…
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