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Doberman Rescue League Inc.


501C-3 Non profit rescue💗 South Florida ☀️ Donate⬇️ www.doberescue.net



Made ya look 🤠  Available for adoption 6 yr old Gucci! I am Gucci and i love to do a Doby smile 😃 I prefer to be the only animal in the house because i need all the loving💗. My dream home has a fenced back yard and a human who loves the give me snacks 🥰 please share as Gucci has been at the rescue for 3 years and our goal is fo find him a loving home by 2023  #dobesoftiktok #dobermanpinscher #dobermanrescue #foradoptiondog #foradoption #doberman #rescuedog  created by Doberman Rescue League Inc. with Meghan Trainor's Made You Look
There is no easy way to share the news that Ruby lost her battle with DCM on Tuesday, 8/2/22. I wanted to do a video, but I can’t talk about it yet without breaking down. She started acting strangely on Monday night and my wife (an ER nurse) felt her heart in a rapid rhythm. When we got her to the emergency vet, her heartrate was over 300. The amazing medical team at VCA Encina Veterinary Medical Center worked tirelessly attempting to bring her heartrate down to a normal level. We can’t thank you enough for providing this level of ICU care while letting us lay on the ground with her giving her love. Her heart did not respond to any of the medications and IV drips given. Ruby fought hard and was alert and surrounded by her family up until the time of her passing. She went peacefully in our arms and over the rainbow bridge with the upmost of love. We can’t thank Dr. Nurre and his team for the incredible care that gave us almost 2 extra years with Ruby. His expertise, tenderness, and grace with her care will never be forgotten. Thank you all for allowing me to share her life with you. I hope that she and I were able to show you all what an incredible breed Dobermans are and help to dispel some stereotypes, raise DCM awareness, and highlight the importance of pet insurance. I hope that you all will enjoy the many videos and photos I will be posting from the vault as we grieve and wait for a new Dobie to come into our lives again. I look forward to sharing that journey with you when that happens.#rubydooby_do #restinpeace #dcmawareness
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