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I have spent the last 15 years trying, testing, and figuring out what works…and what doesn’t. Over and over and over again. Here’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned: If you continue to put one foot in front of the other, you’ll move forward. So far this year in my business I:  🏬 opened our 1st retail space for Essbe 🚀 launched Essbe Jewelry Supply, my wholesale jewelry business 💻 taught some amazing students how to start their own permanent jewelry business 🎥 made an appearance on the local news ⛓️ did countless pop-ups 👀 worked for months and months on a project that will launch this fall ✈️ flew to Las Vegas for our 1st EJS business trip 👯‍♀️ grew my team 🤝🏼 partnered with cool brands for events like Madewell and USA Today 🫶🏼 gave sarahbrithinee.com a face lift and relaunched with offers that will help other women grow their permanent jewelry businesses & now 🔨 we’re in the middle of renovations on our 2nd storefront that will open next month!  The truth is, in early 2022 I was feeling really discouraged and didn’t know if Essbe should continue on. I was overworked and overwhelmed. It had been a long few years between covid, pregnancy, and newborn life. I watched my business slowly take a downward slope. We weren’t profitable anymore, and I felt like giving up.  Honestly, I almost did. Then I thought about what my career would look like. Would I go work for someone else? That thought alone was horrifying for someone like me who was just made to be an entrepreneur. There wasn’t anything else I wanted to do.  I did the scary thing instead, I doubled down on my business. I invested a lot into it both in time and financially to take the leap. I put myself and my business out there. I showed up day after day even when things weren’t looking great.  Little did I know I was close to the breakthrough I had been hoping for and had I given up after making it as far as I did, I know I would always wonder what if. If there’s something you want to do, start taking action. Before you’re ready. You’ll be amazed at where you end up in a few weeks, months, and years down the road! I’m here if you need help along the way 😊 #permanentjewelrysupplier #permanentjewelry #essbejewelrysupply #businesscoach #essbe  created by sarah with James Quinn's A Gentle Sunlight
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