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Sara Cully RD, CPT


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☀️ I’m chill, I swear! 😆🥴 BUT I’d really prefer some food options (bonus if there’s any non-alcoholic 🥂options 🥳).  • ☀️ Tis the season for parties and events! And it is totally FINE to plan your eating a little around events so you’re taking care of yourself! 💕  • #intuitiveeating #nondietdietitian #dietculturedropout #nutritioncoach #intuitiveeatingtips #allfoodsfit #foodfreedom #bodypositiveathletes #sportsnutrition #virtualdietitian created by Sara Cully RD, CPT with Carly's original sound
💗I see this on social media all the time: just because you follow a #Dietitian /Therapist/Trainer…this doesn’t make them YOURS.💗Your behavior change requires work & individual attention. Not everything works for everyone! You can interview your practitioners🙋🏼‍♀️so you can be certain their values align with yours!• #intuitiveeating # intuitivemovement #nondietdietitian #i ntuitiveeatingcoach #i ntuitiveeatingtips #p erformancenutrition#fo odismorethanfuel#bac kedbyscience#sara cullynutrition
💃🏼 I’m SO happy to announce I’m officially launching Sara Cully Nutrition 🙌🏻 where I’ll be virtually coaching clients! My mission on these media platforms is to help more women feel empowered by their eating & movement choices through a non-diet approach with #intuitiveeating & movement ♥️ I’ve already helped so many athletic women achieve their performance goals by ending their fight with food and I’m excited to make an even bigger impact! >> Head to my IG for more info 🤍
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