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✨How often do you ignore the niggle?✨

That blinking warning light telling you that you are burning out?

We know that when the lights come up on our car dashboard that we need to react.

We don’t look at a blinking oil light, and think, “nah I am sure it will be good for a few hundred more miles”. We know that a light on the dash means something is wrong, and, if we don’t do something about it, the problem could get worse, or even be dangerous and yet.. we ignore our own internal warning lights.

✨Here are three common warning lights and how you can be your own mechanic.

⚠️ Lethargic. This isn’t just that feeling of not getting enough sleep, it’s that feeling of lethargy. That your body is heavy, everything you do seems to be so much effort. Move! It may seem counterintuitive but moving your body can give you energy. Get outside for some fresh air, go for a walk or a run, if that’s your thing. But move your body. I guarantee it will give you more energy

⚠️Weak/Sick. You feel like you might be getting a cold, your body aches, your eyes sting and you *think* your throat is sore.

⚠️Vitamins. Take a look at your diet. You might not be getting a cold but your immune system may be firing due to a dodgy diet. When we are stressed and over worked our diets tend to slide towards convenience and high energy (sugar!) foods to keep us going. Put down the biscuits and pick up some fruit and veg.

⚠️ Moody & Sad. You feel sad and moody but you’re not sure why. You just want to disconnect and be left alone.
Honour this feeling, but for a set amount of time. My clients will tell you that I am all for a ‘Sad Gal Day’. Lie on the sofa, binge Netflix and switch off your phone. BUT it is for a day, only! To rest, reset and feel the feels. Rejoin society tomorrow by connecting with a friend. 💜

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