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Sagentic Web Design


We provide fully managed web design and Local SEO to businesses and non-profits

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for the Penrose Water District 🌊. Established in 1967, the Penrose Water District has been the backbone of Penrose, Colorado's water supply for over five decades. Check it out here: https://www.penrosewater.com/ In today's digital era, ensuring web accessibility is paramount. As a public agency, the Penrose Water District had to align with new standards. At Sagentic Web Design, we're proud to have assisted them in achieving compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Colorado's House Bill 21-1110, ensuring an inclusive online experience for users of all abilities 🌐👥. Learn more about our commitment to accessibility compliance here: https://www.sagentic.com/articles/accessibility-compliance/ Thank you for trusting Sagentic Web Design, where we obsess over the finest details of web design and usability to provide creative solutions that achieve your goals 🚀💡. Dive deeper into our web design services: https://www.sagentic.com/web-design/ #WebDesign #AccessibilityCompliance #InclusiveWeb #SagenticWebDesign #PenroseWaterDistrict #WebRedesign #DigitalInclusion #WebAccessibility #ColoradoWebDesign
💻🎶🎉 @sagentic is excited to reveal our latest composition: a brand-new website for the Fremont Chamber Orchestra! 🎵🏔️✨ Together, we've crafted a digital space that truly sings the Orchestra's story. Dive into the vibrant world of the Orchestra on our newly launched platform 🚀🎻. Discover upcoming concerts, learn about the talented string quartet, and see how you can play along. Our site even hosts music lessons, donation opportunities, and much more 🎵📚💡 Curious about their journey or got questions? We've got you covered with dedicated "About Us" and "FAQs" pages 📖💼. Plus, stay tuned for regular articles, insightful reviews, and updates 🌟. A massive thank you to the Orchestra for letting us be part of their online performance 🎼🤝. Explore their new website here: https://www.fremontchamberorchestra.com/articles/website-partnership-sagentic-web-design/ Ready for your brand to take the digital stage? Check us out at: https://www.sagentic.com/web-design/ Let's make the web a more harmonious place together 🎵✨ #SagenticWebDesign #WebDesign #FremontChamberOrchestra #WebsiteLaunch #NewWebsite #WebDevelopment #MusicOrchestra #ColoradoDesign
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