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#studentwork : Kairi is an a 5 song EP published to #youtube with #ghibli -inspired visual animations.

The audio tracks were performed by a variety of artists and engineered by SAE Audio students Umang Sharma and Stefhanie Nathania.

The two audio students collaborated with SAE design student, Alyssa Mendoza and SAE animation student, Sophie Myers to create the video. The concept for the animation was to create a visual & sound experience of that of a “chill beats to relax/study” playlist.

The presentation lasts for 13 minutes and the graphics slowly and atmospherically changes over time.

SAE Student Credits:
Alyssa Mendoza: Design & Marketing.
Sophie Myers: Visual Director, Animation Director & Animator.
Stefhanie Nathania: Assistant Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer & Marketing.
Umang Sharma: Director, Executive Producer, Recording Engineer & Mixing Engineer.

Artist credits:
Camilo Parra: Flutist.
Sean Valenzuela (Little Archer): Producer, Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer.
Max Jacobs: Guitarist.
Philip Langshaw: Bassist.
Yoshiko Arakawa: Vocalist.

#StudentWork SAE Animation & Audio students developed an animated short for Yagan Square's Digital Tower in #Perth . The student work shown is the character development work.

Check out the SAE website for more. sae.edu.au

#studentwork Georgia Noble and Marnala Dent created, 'Off the Grid', a 2D animated short. The two SAE students chose to use the #toonboomharmony application to bring the project to life.

Marnala reflected on the project, "Because of my inexperience, I underestimated just how much time it would take to animate every frame and I fell behind towards the end of the trimester. There are some things I ran out of time to do such as animate the waterfall and add shading to some shots." But as she also mentions, "Being my first major 2D [animated project and].... considering it was my first time, I think I did a good job."

We think you did an excellent job. Shout out to you both!


Audio credit: Composer James Roach.
Pure 🔥🔥🔥

Check out
@annalunoe in her element. Tell us this track doesn't make you want to dance!@nlvrecords Saturday Love

Lunoe has explored many corners of the music industry, both at home and abroad. She’s taken to stages at festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, and in 2016, she became the first woman to perform solo on the main stage at EDC Las Vegas.

“Becoming an artist, you start to see how big the industry really is. There are so many moving parts and people that make the industry what it is. Having an insight into that world is super helpful when starting out. Gaining those skills allows you to really own your journey and take a hold of your own business, and build it the way you want it.”

If you're ready to explore your passion for creating music #studymusicyourway at SAE.

♫ Songwriting and Music Production
♫ Electronic Music Production
♫ Music Industry and Business
♫ Creative Musicianship
#studentwork During the pandemic & with limited access, the film, audio and design departments teamed up to work on the Red Peril & Heavy Amber project - a live stream broadcast of band performances - hosted at #SAEMelbourne .

SAE audio students were required to do all of the #audio engineering, artist management and live streaming. The students also engaged both film students and design students to get involved and this video represents the design student work.

The SAE #design students in their third trimester of study, created promotional posters, broadcast graphics and the artwork for the visuals projected on the bands throughout the performance.

This effort is another exceptional example of the cross-collaborative and real world projects SAE creative media students work on as part of their higher education course.

🖥️ Design student credits: 🖥️
Tori Cole
Harry McDonald
Bella Merrifield
Sai Charan Yembari
Josh Lamb

Using #unrealengine , a team of SAE #game , #audio , #animation and #design students collaborated and produced a game called ‘Spirits Calling’. The group called themselves "Collective Spirits Studios".

Spriits Calling is an adventure and puzzle game, you move through the ‘Grove’ as a Spirit Fox – restoring the world. Play now on #itchio

Student credits:

⭐ Games Design & Programming ⭐
Project & Design Lead: Bec Russell
Lead Programmer & Scrum Master: Kyle Beaton
Lead Narrative & Scrum Master: Bekki J
Game Designer: Alex Alimbuyuguen

⭐ 3D Assets & Animation ⭐
Lead Animator: Tea Cosmas
Brett Higham
Charlie Wall

⭐ Audio ⭐
Lead Technician: Joshua Hall
Mohit Rao

⭐ Graphic Designers ⭐
Maria Borg
Megan Sanelli

#thefutureisyou #studentwork
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