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Western Occult Traditions In service to those doing The Great Work 🏴

Exploring the Shamanic Journey to Higher Consciousness👇🏼

In today’s episode of The Shining Ones (available inside the Bank of Gnosis), we delve into the quest for higher consciousness undertaken by the mystics and shamans throughout history.

Their journey was motivated by a desire to connect with the divine and access profound knowledge.

This episode explores various aspects of this transformative journey, including the pursuit for enlightenment, the transcended of time and space, unlocking a sense of Oneness, and the sacredness of this experience.

We will also look into the electromagnetic and frequency aspects of the human experience, emphasizing the connection between the body and the underworld.

The Shining Ones is a video podcast available to paid subscribers inside the Bank of Gnosis. Link in bio to learn more. Gain access to a preview with a free subscription.

#theshiningones #electromagnetism #schumannresonance #nature #consciousness #higherconsciousness #healingtechniques #occultknowledge #esotericteachings
👉🏼The Initiate’s Path requires unwavering open-mindedness, courage, and humility.

Your ego must step aside.
Your fears must be conquered.
Your crutches must be destroyed.
You must stand on your own two feet.

Higher Will is The Initiated’s badge of honor and it’s not given to every initiate — it must be earned.

The way to earn a life saturated with Higher Will is to walk the path of the Initiate.

👉🏼 This means, You can never give up.

- You can’t throw in the towel when you’re met with new information you don’t want to hear.

- You can’t resort back to your old ways and think you’re still moving forward on the path

- You can’t forfeit your own Will to appease another or because you fear the road less traveled

🚨 My work can be ALARMING to the initiated because it confronts those with ‘ego attachment’

❗️Ego attachment is a symptom of “lower Egypt” enslavement — the lower chakras

The Initiate process is a discipline of staying OPEN and OPEN-MINDED.

- Open to the process
- Open to new information
- Open to challenging your beliefs
- Open to feeling uncomfortable
- Open to learning
- Open to transformation
- Open to pain
- Open to bring WHO YOU ARE

👉🏼 Being ‘who you are’ is a privilege in a world that’s gone mad.

While the majority will never embark on the path of the initiate, for those who only a small percentage will complete the rite of passage.

#theinitiation #theinitiatesjourney #pathofinitiation #initiation #magick #higherwill #openmind #truewill #thelema #occult #ceremonialmagick #magician #sacredpath
Today in #thegreatrebirthseries I will be discussing the processes of “forfeiting your will” to another.

So much of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are NOT YOUR OWN.

When you practice magick, what you’re actually doing is creating, strengthening, and activating your own Will.

When you have a strong Will, no one has power over you.

True sovereignty begins with a strong Will.

👉🏼 Inner Temple Magick Academy (for initiates) will open this Fall where I will support you through the process of activating your will through a series of specific actions.

Want to join the waitlist? DM “INNER TEMPLE”

#magick #divinewill #higherwill #spiritualwill #sorcery #psyops #occult #theoccult #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #occultteachings #sacredknowledge #forbiddenknowledge #crowley #bookofthelaw #truewill #thelema #occultknowledge
🌹Getting ready to release my next guidebook on how to use the 72 divine names to activate your esoteric technology🔐

If you've ever wondered how to use your divine vessel to create change within your life and within the world, this magickal guidebook will introduce you to the esoteric way of life that has been occulted in sacred texts so that only the initiated could understand.

This guidebook takes the guesswork out of magick through the power of the Divine Names.

The Divine Names are frequencies that act as intermediaries to the macrocosm (The Universe).

Once you learn what the names are, and their proper usage and pronunciation, you become the ruler of your domaine. Your wish is YOUR command!

In this magickal guidebook you will learn:

👉🏼 What is the Temple of Solomon

👉🏼 A Breakdown of the Microcosm and Macrocosm

👉🏼 Sacred Geometry and Its Relationship to the Body

👉🏼 What The Vitruvian Man Famous Drawing Represents

👉🏼 The Three Parts of the Soul

👉🏼 The Esoteric Meaning Behind The Ark of the Covenant

👉🏼 The Esoteric Meaning Behind The 10 Commandments

👉🏼 The 72 Divine Names: Their Meanings/Power, and How to Use Them to Heal, Ascend, and Activate Your Esoteric Technology

👉🏼 And so much more!

This guidebook summarizes numerous esoteric teachings into one easy-to-understand resource for every magician and initiate on the path to sovereignty. The more you understand the magickal vessel that houses your soul, the greater your experience with life will be.

The inner-workings of the cosmos are simple to comprehend when you look at the allegories and mythology that are purposely encoded in your favorite sacred texts. Use this resource to launch or expand your knowledge in the occult.

This guidebook is for anyone looking to expand their personal database of sacred knowledge.

90+ page pdf

❗️Save $10 off during pre-order (no coupon code required)


COMMENT “DIVINE NAMES” if intereated
#knowledgeispower #magick #occult #theoccult #occultism #angels #ritualmagick #keyofsolomon #templeofsolomon
Did you know I have created an online destination and resource occult library I’ve been searching for my whole life?

In just 18 months I have built a database of esoteric teachings and occult knowledge to help the initiate along his magickal journey…

I’ve read hundreds of books and spent thousands of hours studying the occult arts, so that I could transform my health, my life, MY WORLD and our Universe!

I have achieved my goals and now I am paying it forward to the men and women of the new aeon who want to BE the change!

Everything I couldn’t find and had deep and profound questions around subjects like demons, fallen angels, entities, black magick — which behooved me and made me crazy! I knew it was occulted insider information and NOT what the mainstream practitioners or so-called spiritual experts were spewing from their soapboxes!

And I kept following my intuition and listening to my higher faculties…

And now all my research is being beautifully displayed on my gorgeous website for you and the occultists in the making to enjoy!

Everyday I am releasing new articles and video and audio teachings, meditations, activations and COMBATTING all the egregores that keep mankind enslaved to his lower facilities!

This is my life’s work. And I hope you love every minute of what you’ll learn from me!

Xo it’s truly an honor to serve you!
- Angel

#magick #occult #occultism #theoccult #occultteachings #occultknowledge #sacredknowledge #esoterica #esoterism #esotericism #hermetics #naturallaw
Let’s create your philosophers stone! 👁️

This is a beautiful rite of passage that is like no experience you can imagine until you’ve gone through it yourself.

The element of kundalini is reserved for those who have mastered the 3 elements and brought them into harmony. Through the process of purification (not just physical purification, but also vibrational purification), the six pointed star can be created. This is the beginning of the trivium or the entry into the abyss.

Swimming in the abyss is the first step to attaining wisdom and the creation of the philosophers stone, but it is only the beginning.

I’d love the opportunity to help guide you on your path to self rulership and purity so you too can experience the element of kundalini being created within your vessel. Heal yourself. Call in your desires. Discover WHO and what you actually are. And WHY you are here.

You will never see yourself or the world in the same way ever again.

You are MAGICK and it is my mission to prove it to you through the power of occult teachings.

👉🏼 Follow for more occult teachings @sacredanarchy

👉🏼 Join the The Great Rebirth - DM “I AM READY” to watch a short video

With love and self rulership!

#treeoflife #elixiroflife #kundaliniawakening #azoth #ainsoph #ain #magick #theoccult #philosophersstone #purification #alchemicalwedding #alchemicalmarriage #firewaterair #pillarofmercy #pillarofseverity #middlepillar #israelregardie #nightside #nightsideofeden #cabala #qabala #kabbalah #druid
All hair tossin aside… 😅

I’m here to help you become a creative force in the universe (ie. a high magician) by activating your Sophia Light!👏🏼

Calling in your desires, manifesting change, and becoming your most sovereign & magickal self requires you to access your higher faculties!

And that’s exactly what I intend to help you do!

No more lower self enslavement…

forget trying to manifest fake money or playing by the bullshit rules that you’ve been indoctrinated to beLIEve!

You are FAR more powerful than that and you know it!

However, this is going to require a deep dive into the Abyss… it’s going to require personal responsibility and humility… the ego is gunna have to take a back seat for this one!😅

So let me ask you a few things:

+ do you want to Be the change you wish to see in the world?

+ do you want to know who and WHAT you truly are?

+ are you curious WHY you’re here on this planet?

+ do you want to be of service?

+ do you want to KNOW what your natural state actually is?

Today, I am releasing the SOPHIA WORKBOOK to help you activate your magick and call in your truest, most purest desires… not just lower self stuff that appeals to your ego and the 5 senses, I’m talking about something out of this world —- macrocosmic desires!

That’s the playground of the magicians!👁️🏴

If so… do yourself a favor and click the link in my bio to download your free workbook!

This workbook is to be used alongside a journal which will accompany you for 5 days!

✔️Are you ready? Are you READY to become a creative force within the Universe!

🚀Then let’s go!

#sophia #creativeforce #selfdiscovery #magicians #newearth #lightwork #soulwork #souloftheworld #animamindi #animas #carljung #josephcampbell #theoccult #occultism #occult #occultknowledge #forbiddenknowledge #sacredknowledge #thetrivium
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