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Ruthie Bowles 🎤 Narrator


⚫/🇵🇷/⚪ Audiobook Narrator | Psych Student | Sensitivity Reader | Veteran


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"No one wanted me enough."

Book: Blazing Sunlight by
@alinepmora , Book 2 in The Heir of Light and Dark series. Among Shadows, book 1, is already available on audio!

This series reminds me a bit of Eragon by Christopher Paolini and Avatar: The Last Airbender 💕

Book 2 is in post production right now!

#amongshadowsaudiobook #fantasyaudiobooks #blazingsunlightaudiobook #strongfmc #fantasybooktok #audiobooktok #audiobooknarrator #alinepmora #ruthiebowles #nomarketforthatbook
I'll be at @sinfulsignings Sept 16-17 and @Smut Lovers: The Conference 🖤 Sept 21-24. Come grab my first ever book cards for some of my books!

Cover on the front, tropes on the back!

Books are
Rise of a Dark Throne by @Ligia Cushman
Tentacles and Teeth by @Rowan | Author of Cozy Smütt
Kore by @Author Ambrosia R Harris
Blissful Masquerade by @Elira Firethorn | Dark Romance
The Book of Azrael by @Amber.v.nicole

#sinfulsignings #smutlovers #romancebooktok #fantasybooktok #romanceaudiobook #fantasyaudiobooks #audiobooktok
Replying to @jacqi_lynn A wonderful point that made me think of something else: how different cultures tell stories.

We know culture influenced how writers write stories. It stands to reason that culture also influences our oral storytelling.

#narratortok #audiobooktok #audiobooknarrator #storytellingstyle
Replying to @c.a.chaplin It's available, if the TW are fine for you! and it's not a romance, but it is 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

#darkfantasy #audioshortstories #selfnarratedaudiobook #ruthiebowles #booktok #darkromancebooks
#stitch with @Mikayla Hornedo-Indie Author ✨ Wheeeeew, for my favorite character, I will make ALLLLLL the excuses!

#morallygreycharacter #booktok
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