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Trey Tucker


Licensed Mental Health Therapist Over 50 Media Appearances Keynote Speaker



When we keep struggles bottled up inside, they gain more power over us and often get worse. #Sponsored When we talk about them, they tend to lose power, which can help us feel better. Opening up about workplace mental health can cause your co-workers to open up, too, and that can be the beginning of a breakthrough.
What about you? Let me know in the comments what’s worked well for your #MentalHealth at work, or what ideas should employers implement? #WhatsReallyOnYourMind #Deloitte
Source: DSM 5. #anxiety Remember - only licensed medical professionals diagnose disorders like anxiety, so if you want confirmation, make an appointment with a licensed therapist or medical doctor. Hang in there! You’re gonna make it!
#peoplepleasing can often be fixed by catching the tendency in the moment & remembering that your value isn’t based on what the person in front of you thinks of you #peoplepleaser #anxiety #confidence
People with #adhd bring strengths & insights that other people can’t. Overall, be open & up front with them. Focus on tasks rather than making it personal. They can be real assets if you know how to work with them
Research shows polyvagal theory interventions can be helpful in healing #attachment issues. They help your brain & nervous system feel safe & grounded in the present moment
The #borderlinepersonalitydisorder rage cycle consists of disappointment, rage, then avoidance. It often has its roots in childhood, though everyone’s experience is different
This can help explain why someone treats you the way they do, or why you do certain things as well. We can’t escape our unhealed #trauma , & it influences our behavior. We need to be aware of ourselves & how we’re coming across in #communication . And we can’t give much #love if we haven’t received much of it
You can’t give what you haven’t received, & that includes #love . Understanding someone’s backstory, including their trauma, can help you have patience & empathy for them in the moment. It doesn’t excuse their words or behavior, but it can help you remain loving & hold to your #boundaries & self-control
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