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Replying to @arthurdicrescento I’m not sure where you got the idea that I “hate my country,” but no, I love both my countries (USA and Italy). No country is perfect, and Italians will be the first ones to tell you all the things that could be improved here. But in most countries, you don’t have to prove your patriotism by hanging a flag on your truck, or reciting some allegiance pledge every day as a child. We can all have different opinions, feel free to make some videos to share yours!

And yes, of course I never said every person in the US drinks the same way, but in my experience there is a lot of it, and young people use alcohol to overcome social anxiety/fit in a lot, maybe more than you think.

Here’s my video about things I miss from the US, if you still need proof that I don’t hate everything about it! @rozeinitaly
#patrioticamerican #thingsidontmiss #americanpatriotism #pledgeallegiance #americanimmigrant #dualcitizencheck #movedtoitaly
Replying to @PattiK you know it’s ok to just keep scrolling without leaving a comment, right? I understand, my content isn’t for everyone. I hope you find other videos that bring you joy! Of course moving to Italy isn’t for everyone, but there’s a whole world of possibilities out there. Who knows what tomorrow will bring for you?
#movingtoitaly #movedtoitaly #americanimmigrant #italianlifeproblems #moveabroadalone #dualcitizen #clapback101
Replying to @alex163824 I would have gladly bought private insurance if it had been required (I think it is for non-EU citizens who move here), but one of the reasons I decided to move to Italy is because healthcare is a human right for all citizens, as it should be.

I know it’s not a perfect system, but I come from a country where I’ve been paying taxes for a bunch of wars I didn’t believe in, I would have much rather that money gone to something that benefits everyone, and that we all need at some point in life—like universal healthcare.

#italianhealthcare #movedtoitaly #dualcitizen #nationalhealthcare #healthinsuranceisascam
Replying to @junosantos just wanted to expand on my response about why I wasn’t able to make Italian friends right away. Spoiler: it was a wild time to be moving around the world and trying to settle into a new country, let alone develop new friendships.

But aside from all the pandemonium of 2020, immigrants throughout history have formed micro-communities to help each other integrate and get through the various steps you need to become a “local.”

Back in US I knew so many people who hung out with others from their home country or who spoke the same language. I think it’s great, we all do what we need to do to feel most at home.

As humans we seek comfort in the familiar, and while some love to throw themselves into the deep end, others prefer to hold hands with someone we trust and wade in slowly. There’s no right or wrong way, we all learn to swim eventually.
#immigrantamerican #americanimmigrant #movingabroadtips #movingabroadalone #movedtoitaly #bureaucracy #makingfriendsasadults #makingfriendsasanadultishard
Replying to @dress.to.k @zappithustra I need your help to settle this, I won’t be able to sleep until I know the answer—is there one definition of a caffè macchiato, or is it different depending on which region of Italy you’re in?

I thought for sure I knew, but now I think I’m wrong, but maybe I don’t even know what foam is! Please help a dumb American, I don’t want to be spreading macchiato misinformation…
#caffemacchiato #caffèmacchiato #caffèitaliano #italianespresso #coffeeinitaly #italiancafe #italiancaffe
Replying to @nap making friends as an adult is hard, especially when you work from home and don’t have any coworkers to socialize with.

All the groups I mentioned were through FB, but I’ve also met some friends through TikTok, believe it or not!

The first meeting is always pretty awkward, and I’m not a big fan of huge group events. But it helps if there’s a common interest or activity involved.
#makingfriendsasanadult #makingfriendsasadults #makingfriendsabroad #movingabroadtips #movingtoitaly #americanimmigrant #americanlivinginitaly #movingabroadalone #movingtoanewcountry #leavingusa #leavingamerica
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