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1835 Lajky

Till we stand together ➔ #roxyprague



During her Czech premiere, #SamaAbudlhadi at #ROXYprague took us to another world. We continue spreading rave energy tonight. @Sama’ Abdulhadi  od uživatele ROXY se skladbou original sound od ROXY
The techno marathon at #ROXYprague started with #Fjaak , and we keep going 'til the month ends.

Forever ravers:
Tonight ➔ ANNA
Friday ➔ Sama’ Abdulhadi

@FJAAK @FJAAK @fjaakthesystem @Fjaak420
Partystarter #Yotto delivered a dazzling and dynamic set, presenting his brand new 𝘎𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘵𝘩 and other instant anthems. Charming #Tibasko opened for him in full #ROXYprague .

Join us at upcoming raves:
Tonight ➔ Koven
31/3 ➔ Fjaak
1/4 ➔ ANNA
7/4 ➔ Sama’ Abdulhadi
21/4 ➔ CLTX
22/4 ➔ Paolo Ferrara
28/4 ➔ Dax J 
29/4 ➔ VTSS

@yottomusic @TIBASKO
Návštěva francouzského kouzelníka byla tepající jízdou od začátku do konce, kdy #Mezerg hrál uprostřed davu. Při jeho strhujícím návratu do Prahy ho tentokrát nadto doprovázel houslista. Slovy vás návštěvníků #ROXYprague : „tohle bylo opravdu výjimečné”, „neskutečnej zážitek” a „ještě teď tancuju”.

This striking performance was captured by @better_call_dom ♡

Last night with #LolaMarsh was a warm and comforting hug. They took us to a ride of nostalgia and longing. Whether they’re playing an intimate acoustic ballade or rocking out, Shoshana & Gil connected with almost sold-out #ROXYprague on a deep and emotional level. They were supported by rising star Anna Vaverková ✨

@#LolaMarshFan @Lola Marsh
ツ We got our groove on!

#ROXYprague is very special to me. One of my favorite gigs in the world. I love doing it. Always brilliant memories,” told us #MarkKnight at the last edition of our club night Climax of our resident #ChrisSadler .
∞ It’s absolutely buzzing to be back at #ROXYprague , told us #AndyC and MC #TonnPiper , who are coming to our club for so many years. “This club is like a home to me. In the crowd everyone is beautiful. Just walking down the stairs, I can’t wait to get on stage,” says Andy.

It was a pleasure to have you here. Thank you, beautiful people!

@ANDY C @Tonn Piper
∞ This was intense. Navigating effortlessly between hard floor techno, IDM, ambient & jungle, #Hadone blasted #ROXYprague for the first time.

Tonight ➔ @spadamusic, @dominikgehringer, @kristy.vansen 
10/2 ➔ Andy C
11/2 ➔ Kobosil
17/2 ➔ TSHA
18/2 ➔ Wätermat
24/2 ➔ Carnival of House
25/2 ➔ Climax
∞ What a wonderful start to the SS2023 at #ROXYprague . Can’t imagine a better opening than with chevalier de la Légion d’honneur at 𝒞𝓁𝒾𝓂𝒶𝓍: #LaurentGarnier .

Thanks, all of you!

@Laurent Garnier #cod3qr
♡ Tomorrow we are announcing the first party of SS2023 at #ROXYprague . He’s an electronic music legend and his show will be part of 𝒞𝓁𝒾𝓂𝒶𝓍, our club night which just celebrated its 24th anniversary this weekend.

27/1 ➔ guess who’ll that be ㋡
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