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Rory Bland


🥩 Rory’s Kitchen 🧀Just a guy w/ gut trubs tryna heal em hello@rorybland.com





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30 Day Carnivore Diet

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Gut-Friendly Recipes

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Recently I decided to add more organs into my diet again, liver being the main one.

My recent blood tests showed my folate was a little low, and since liver is a good animal source of it, (plus it has heaps of other things) - liver was my first choice.

While the taste isn't bad, it's not as good as a nice rump, lamb chop or gaps meat stock 🤤 lol

My friends at
@ancestral__nutrition hooked me up with some liver supps and I loved them so much that I wanted to share them with my gut gang.

They are offering y'all an awesome 15% off + shipping when you use the code 'Rory' at checkout either at 🇦🇺ancestralnutrition.com.au OR 🇺🇸 ancestralnutrition.us OR the link in my biology 🔗

As you know I only partner with brands that I can fully get behind, and that I feel align with my values and mission.

The products are epic and the team behind them have similar values as I do - around sustainability sourced animal products and regenerative agriculture.

🌱🐄🥩 Grass-fed, Grass-finished, no fillers, no hormones or antibiotics, no GMOs... and most importantly my sensitive gut can tolerate them.

If you end up grabbing some pls let me know.

Cheers to your Health!

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Here's a 6 month gut health update for y'all. Can't believe it's been half a year. I feel so damn good today.

I haven't posted much on here the past few months. Have been going through a lot of personal stuff tbh and finally feel I'm on the other side.

One thing they don't tell you is that when you really choose to change your life and take those actions... all of the deeper parts of you start to be revealed and you have to start facing them.

I've been working with the most incredible Trauma-Informed Somatic Healing Therapist and working with her has completely changed my life, especially since she introduced me to this work.

If you want her details pls DM me or email me @ hello@rorybland.com

It is a missing key that most people overlook as its easy to get fixated on what we eat... without realising there are parts of us that are starving for attention, and desire to come into resolution.

I'll be bringing her onto my podcast soon to talk about some of these things. It's very fascinating.

Anyway... I'm (mostly) on stage 1 of GAPS and loving chilling here for now.

Looking forward to exploring more holistic means of improving my life and sharing them with you which is why I rebranded from Rory's Kitchen to Rory Bland... because food is just a part of the journey but not the whole picture.

Also yes I realise it's not ironic that my name is Bland and I eat the blandest food on the planet lol.

Appreciate you all and now that I'm back I look forward to sharing some fun stuff with you!

Bye bye struggle street hello livin the good life!

Ps who wants to see a what I eat in a day?

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Well! 100 days flew by quickly 😳

I decided to celebrate by having bacon 🤤🥓and giving myself a budget of $100 for the day.

The electrolytes I use are
@sodiihydration hydration - you can get 15% off your order with the code ‘roryskitchen’ - just head to the l!nk in my b.i.o. or visit sodii.com.au/roryskitchen

Here’s a hack - you can get ~28% off your first order by going on subscription. Then 15% off every month after that 🤯

thanks to their support I’m able to make more videos like this, so if you could give their product a crack it would mean the world to me ❤️

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What’s slow cookin’ good lookin’? This is my go-to meat stock/bone broth that I’m making lately.

It’s cooked for a shorter period of time than bone broth because the longer you cook bone broth the more histamines release. This stuff is easier on the gut and better for gut healing until you’re strong enough.

If I could recommend just ONE tweak for your health it is to add this into your diet. Even better if you add more joints and things like chicken feet for more of that goodness.

I can’t remember the last time I made chicken stock because the last month or so I’ve just been making lamb-shanky gut-loving potions.

It’s really easy - you just need:

2 Shanks
1-1.25L of water per shank
2 tbs salt

Bring it to a boil then simmer for up to 3 hours or as soon as the meat comes off the bone.

Store in the freezer in a glass container. Makes about 1L of stock.

Only keep in fridge what you’ll eat within 24 hours as the longer you leave it, the more histamines will develop. I wish I learnt this earlier on my journey but now I’m passing it onto you!

There’s a longer video over on the You Tubes if you want some more in depth explanation. It’s impossible to squeeze everything into a 45 second reel lol.

Btw I hope y’all are well, I’ve been busy sorting out life stuff but I’m back 😎 I post stories on IG pretty regularly updating stuff, and also have a weekly newsletter.

Day 100 update is edited and coming this week 😱 it’s been an interesting few weeks that’s for sure!

Much love to my gut gang 🫶🫀

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Replying to @Leonewyork7 Day 30 of 30 Days of the Carnivore GAPS Diet…

Wow, what an adventure it’s been over the past few weeks. I have tears of gratitude posting this last video of the series.

Here is a recap of some of the key takeaways.

Unfortunately TikTok doesn’t let me post videos longer than 10 mins so you can get the full lowdown on my YT if you’re interested…

But overall I can it has been highly successful, and weeks after finishing the challenge am getting increasingly better.

I’ll keep you posted and updated along the whole way as I’m looking after my body.

Like I mention in the video I’ve tried introducing some new foods… my reintroduction video is coming early next week.

If you thought this was the end, think again, I have some fun stuff planned for you coming up real soon. 

Lots of recipes, tips and other videos coming soon.

I seriously appreciate every single one of you.

I honestly don’t feel this journey would have been the same without the gut gang supporting me. You guys rock. Incredibly grateful.

I am excited to bring you along for phase 2 of the healing journey.

What I’m most moved by, is I’ve found something that has helped me stop feeling so unwell, and now for the first time in my adult life I feel true hope around being and feeling healthy.

It’s incredibly exciting.

All I can say is… if you’ve been searching for a long time - your answers are out there.

Keep your faith, keep following your gut… and if you’ve resonated with my previous health conditions or symptoms, then this might be worthwhile checking out too… but of course I’m not a doctor or professional - just a dude. So do your own due diligence.

p.s. sorry this video has taken forever to get out - I have been ridiculously busy and this last video has taken forever to put together too. thanks for ur patience. If you have any unanswered Q’s please feel free to drop them in the comments but most of them should be answered in the YT video. just search for Rory’s Kitchen and scrub thru the time stamps to find the relevant Q’s & A’s for your curiosity.

Love you all!

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