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Rollettes LA


Women’s wheelchair dance team! #boundlessbabes #rollettesdance



What a weekend 💓 The LA @abilities_expo is always the best time! We were so happy to be able to connect with our community this past weekend! Thanks to everyone who supported our performances and stopped by the booth!

#rollettesdance #boundlessbabes #abiltiesexpo #disabilityawareness

Video description: The Rollettes are at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, a convention for people with disabilities. They are wearing matching green sweatpants and hoodies at their booth, which features a white Rollettes Experience backdrop, a black photo wall, and a pink Rollettes neon sign. They are dancing wearing black pants and hot pink t-shirts. Maria smiles to the camera weaning a purple t-shirt. The next day they are dancing wearing black t-shrits and jeans. You can see visitors of the expo taking photos at the booth’s photo wall.
“Don’t be on the fence. Bring your beautiful self here!” Join us this July for Rollettes Experience 2023!

Happening July 19-23 in Los Angeles

#rollettesdance #rollettesexperience #boundlessbabes #disabilityawareness

Video description: Denisha, Lillian, and Nikki give testimonials at Rollettes Experience. Denisha and Nikki are sitting in manual wheelchairs. Lillian is sitting in a power wheelchair. You see footage of them and the other Rollettes Experience attendees at the events, such as dance classes and a pool party.
Share your story 🧡 It’s always so fulfilling to have the support of brands like @aerie in sharing our mission to empower women and girls with disabilities. We loved being a part of the AerieReal Voices Campaign.

#rollettesdance #boundllessbabes #aeriereal #disabilityawareness

Video description: Conner sits in her wheelchair and talks to the camera. She is wearing an orange sweatshirt and orange bike shorts. Her blonde hair is down and in waves. In between clips of her speaking, old photos and videos of her life are shown.
We all do this in slightly different ways but here’s how Joci transfers and breaks down her wheelchair!

#rollettesdance #boundlessbabes #disabilityawareness #cartransfer

Video description: Joci sits in her wheelchair before transferring into her car. She is wearing a light purple flannel and jeans. She gets into the car, and breaks her wheelchair down. She takes off one wheel and then the other before lifting the wheelchair frame across her lap and putting it into the passenger seat. The wheels go in the back seat.
Hey Los Angeles 🌴 We can’t wait to see everyone at the LA @abilities_expo March 10-12! Rollettes has a booth all weekend, and we’re dancing too! Will we see you there? #rollettesdance #abilitiesexpo #boundlessbabes
Rollettes Experience KIDS You can check out our RE23 Event Calendar to see everything we have in store for the kids so far this July! Join us July 19-23 for RE23!

#rollettesdance #boundlessbabes #rollettesexperience #disabilityawarenesss

Video description: The video shows the young attendees and their parents from Rollettes Experience. They are rolling around the hotel ballroom in their wheelchairs, in dance classes, and interacting with other attendees. Video clips of parents being interviewed are shown, as well as attendees.
Hangry: A somewhat accurate portrayal of what happen’s when the meeting runs late and Joci hasn’t eaten lunch. Tag a friend that gets hangry!

#rollettesdance #boundlessbabes #hangry

Video description: Conner, Sam, and Joci are sitting in their wheelchairs at the Rollettes Office. Bria is joining them at a glass top table. They are having a meeting and you hear Joci’s stomach growl. Panic sets in and you see the team realize what’s about to happen. Joci screams and wheels after Sam. Bria and Conner go away from the table and are headed towards the front door. Joci comes after them. The doorbell rings and you see Joci’s face go from hangry to happy as she realizes the food is there.
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