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Waiting list for my: “How To Move To Italy Course”

Here's my response to a comment I got from "Alex 91" on a video I did about how Italians are guaranteed 20 vacation days per year plus an additional 11 paid holidays per year

"Alex 91" commented:
"And that's why America has the strongest economy on the planet and bails everyone else out."

You think having the STRONGEST economy is the endgame?

What's the ROI on being in a grind machine 24/7?

DO you think a powerhouse economy means we've got it all figured out?

What's the point of having a powerhouse economy if the collective well-being is being pummeled to the ground?

Higher GDP is not a life score. It means burnt-out, stressed, skyrocketing mental health stats.

What do the U.S. healthcare costs look like when well-being is shot to hell?

Italy may not be the economic powerhouse that the U.S. is, but what they do have is a culture that prioritizes life.

They are guaranteed vacation time and holidays, not as a perk but as a right. They have something woven into their DNA that says "hey, you're human."

Success isn't only about the number on a paycheck. Maybe it's time we redefine what success really means to us.

So, instead of talking about bailing everyone out, let's start by bailing ourselves out. Bailing ourselves out of a lifestyle that prioritizes grind over grace, or hustle over health, or money over moments.

Life's currency isn't just dollars and cents. It's time, joy, love, and health. Let's not just chase a dream. Let's live the dream.

So no, "Alex 91," having the strongest economy and bailing everyone out does not mean that we have it all figured out. Maybe we should rethink the grind and start investing in what really matters.
#LivingInItaly #ItalyWorkLifeBalance #ItalyVsUSAEconomy #ItalyQualityOfLife #ItalyVacationDays #ItalyHumanFirst #ItalyWellBeing #ItalyRedefiningSuccess #ItalyHappinessOverHustle #ItalyJoyOverDollars
Two guys (@Jashi ), two countries, one red-hot question: Are the stereotypes legit? We are diving into Italian stereotypes, asking—are they fact or fiction? He's doing the same but for the American narrative. We're not just scratching the surface, we're tearing the labels apart to find the raw, unfiltered truth! We're breaking down walls and building bridges! #LivingInItaly #ItalyStereotypes #ItalyVsAmericaViews #ItalyAmericanInsights #ItalyExpatsSpeak #ItalyCultureClash #ItalyTruthsUnveiled #ItalyMythsDebunked #
ItalyFromWithin #ItalyTransatlanticTalks
Replying to @Dave Wilcox

I've been on this wild roller coaster to learn Italian, spinning through the Duolingo , delving into Italian cartoons, yep, even SpongeBob.

I found this course that just synced perfectly with my brain waves.

You've been flooding my DMs asking, "How'd you crack the code to speak Italian. I'm far from fluent but I found something that is making a difference.

I convinced the mastermind behind this course to run a FREE class for you all this Saturday.

If you want to join me and him -Click the link in my bio to register.

REGISTER! Because this Saturday, we're going to break down the barriers to learning Italian, one word at a time.

Andiamo! #LivingInItaly #ItalyLearning #ItalianLanguageJourney #ItalyCultureLovers #SpeakItalianInItaly #ItalyExpats #ItalianCourseItaly #ItalyLanguageChallenge #ItalianFluencyItaly #ItalyLanguageLearners #ItalyAdventures #LoveItalyLearnItalian #ItalyLanguageLove #ItalianClassInItaly #DiscoverItalyLearnItalian
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