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Antiques Roadshow


Keeping it old school. Watch Mondays at 8/7C on PBS or anytime on YouTube! ⬇️





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Creepy. Cool. Both? Make your voice heard in our poll! #antiquesroadshow #creepydoll #mannequin  created by Antiques Roadshow with 's Weird, comical, cute everyday BGM(1132689)
Replying to @Lauren Dailey This appraisal of a Kaneda Kenjiro bronze sculpture, ca. 1890, has us all up in our Friday feels 🥹 #antiquesroadshow #bronzesculpture #aapiheritagemonth #feels
Replying to @i.on.style How does someone even become an appraiser, anyway? We got the scoop on set! #antiquesroadshow #appraiserlife #antiquelover #careergoals
Replying to @jaimilyn Roadies, we heard you and we respect you. @Travis Landry is listening and learning. Please don’t give us space during this time, we still need engagement. #antiquesroadshow #pokemon #90skids #ourbad
Replying to @christylehman2 Happy 90th birthday to celebrity fashion icon Manuel Cuevas! Join ANTIQUES ROADSHOW as we visited “The Rhinestone Rembrandt" in his Nashville studio and store. #antiquesroadshow #manuelcuevas #celebrityfashion #fashiondesign
Replying to @full_moon_rider is the value of this vintage 1962 left-handed Fender Stratocaster music to the owner’s ears? #antiquesroadshow #fenderguitars #fenderstratocaster #vintageguitar
Replying to @katybeebe We’re honored to recieve two @thewebbyawards nominations for our TikTok account and on-set TikTok livestream! Voting for the People’s Voice ends Thurs, April 20—make sure to vote for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW while you still can at the 🔗 in our 🅱️ℹ️🅾️! #antiquesroadshow #webbyawards #fyc
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