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Righteous Babe Records


Righteous Babe is a label started by Ani DiFranco. Folking you up since 1990. 💪


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She sings songs in the she shack- say that 5 times fast! Have you been crying lots of tears since the pandemic subsided and I stopped sending lots of little phonemade videos out into the intranets? Are you just, like, just staying up nights, crying and crying from the sheer loss? Well, you’re in luck! I made more videos in honor of the LPC reissue! Courtesy of Folkmonger Productions and starring my dog Lefty. This first one has actual footage from a claymation video for the original Little Plastic Castle song that never got finished or released. Turns out, claymation is difficult and expensive. Newsflash #anidifranco #littleplasticcastle #acoustic #livemusic #littleplasticcastle25 #righteousbabe #90smusic  created by Righteous Babe Records with Righteous Babe Records’s Ani DiFranco plays Little Plastic Castle acoustic
Replying to @Emily Wink

we tried to make a claymation video for the song little plastic castle, back in 1998, it never did see the light of day. if you’re curious about the story behind it, or you want to see the actual thing that got ixnayed, come join us for its WORLD PREMIERE! ha. better late than never? …we’ll see.
5/31 at 7:30pm EDT.
#anidifranco #littleplasticcastle #righteousbabe
Find #anidifranco ’s debut #picturebook The Knowing wherever you get your books. Hear the song of the same title out now. #childrensbook #childrensmusic #booktok #righteousbabe
Righteous Babe Records is honored to release @Joy Clark ’s “Gumbo Christmas” today. The song and full music video are extensions of Joy’s soul and beatiful life experiences:
“Gumbo is the star of Christmas in New Orleans, if you ask me and most other Louisiananians. Every Christmas morning, my grandma would wake up at 6 AM and make an army-sized pot of gumbo so big she needed a stepping stool to stir! The preparation started days before Christmas. This was a labor of love - extended family and neighbors filled every square foot of my grandparent’s home.

Gumbo brought us together. It fed our souls and shaped how I view the holidays. My grandma passed away this fall - a month before recording [Gumbo Christmas], so this is a memory and tradition that I want to keep alive. It's a feeling that I want to share with the world and help people celebrate no matter where they live or their circumstances.

Gumbo Christmas is my labor of love to my culture and her legacy. But it’s not just about me. Gumbo brings lots of families together for the holidays and I want them to enjoy Gumbo Christmas with a lazy two-step and a smile.”

#newrelease #neworleans #music #song #women #christmas #gumbo

Save the Date: On 11/16/23, Righteous Babe Records is jazzed to announce the release of “Gumbo Christmas” by
@Joy Clark !
“Gumbo Christmas is a celebration. It is remembrance and a tribute to my culture and to my late grandmother’s legendary pot of gumbo that would bring everyone together on Christmas.” - Joy Clark
Pre-Save now using the link above! #newrelease #neworleans #song #christmas #womenownedbusiness #music
Righteous Babe Records is proud to announce the release of the title track off of @Lilli Lewis ’s forthcoming album, “All Is Forgiven.” The name truly summarizes the song’s important message.

“It’s all about growing up and finally learning the lightness of letting things go…”, says Lewis. “I have to say, ‘All Is Forgiven’ often enough to really mean it. Kinda my own personal heart sutra.”

“All Is Forgiven” is the perfect song for anyone struggling to let go of the past. It is a reminder that we are all human, have all held on to what doesn’t serve us - and we can all learn to let go, heal and move forward.

Visit our Link In Bio to stream “All Is Forgiven” on all digital platforms. The album, ‘All Is Forgiven’ is available for pre-order on righteousbabe.com and will be released on 12/1/2023.

#newrelease #song #artist #forgiveness #music #women
[Un]ban Books Fireside Chat Part 1 w/ @Jerid P. Woods : Freedom of Speach
At @Baldwin & Co. Bookstore
@ablackmandreading on IG/FB
@BannedWagonBooks on IG

#bannedbooks #bannedbookweek
#reading #anidifranco
It's been a week since we launched the first single Sin Eater from @Lilli Lewis forthcoming album! Get to know Lilli a bit more by checking out her captivating cover of @Radiohead ’s “Creep.”

Listen at the link in bio.

"I sing "Creep" because it feels like the rub between how I often feel in this world and my awareness of the indestructible nature of life's longing for itself. I sing it for everyone who has ever carried with them a sense of not belonging, and the infinite beauty they brought into the world with them by virtue of simply being singular. I sing it for the miracle of life in the context of so much disregard, despair, and the improbable vulnerability of the whole shebang.

My biggest hope in offering up these recordings, is that in your quiet spaces, they can put you in touch with the primal essence that illuminates the miracle in you. That's asking a lot, I know, so at the very least, I just hope you like them." - Lilli Lewis
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