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Ride Your Stigma | Madeline


Mindset Coach - Herpes +ve Stigma Slayer - Intuitive Healer - Dancer

3 Simple Ways You Can, Cleanse Your Energy.

1. Wind Cleansing by simply standing out in nature, and allowing any and all things that are not yours or are unwanted to be blown clear of your energetic field

2. Visualisation & Intention & Breath. Find a quiet place to sit on Mother Earth or somewhere you feel comfortable. Close your eyes, and whilst visualising in your mind bright light cleansing you and all around you, take a cleansing breath in the nose and out the mouth.

3. Water Cleansing. Either standing in the ocean, waterfall, or shower. Allow the water to wash away, cleanse, purify your energy, your body, you field, and close your eyes to visualise anything that is not yours to be washed away down the drain and removed. This needs to be running water or crashing and tidal ocean flow. (Not a bath). Tune into your body and feel her/him/they unwind and be freed of any energy that needs to be released.

Save this for later, when energy’s get dense & you need to support yourself beautiful!
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