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Reveal Lasers


Reveal Lasers North America⚡️ reveallasers.com #Aesthetech

Team Hunter or Team Goldie? 👀🫣

@Hunter might’ve been keeping her favorite new treatment, DENZA, under wraps - her stunning results were undeniable. The other girls were bound to find out. 🤭

Hoping her and @Goldie Heart ❣️ work everything out but at the end of the day let’s all just remember… #noDRAMAjustDENZA

🎥 @davidstrib
It’s the perfect season for cozy, comfortable & effective #Eterna treatments. 🍂 #EffortlessAging

Through the versatility of multiple hand pieces, Eterna delivers targeted #radiofrequency to tighten and revitalize skin on your face & body. There’s no pain, zero social downtime and the technology is designed to be safe enough to use around the eyes! 💆🏻‍♀️✨

DM us today!

🎥 @davidstrib
🩶 @Dancer Samantha Caudle

#skincare #fall #aesthetics
Watch the drama unfold, next week 11/8! 👀😉😤

Mark your calendars because things get MESSY between
@Katie Welch & @Hunter when Goldie finds out Hunters been secretly getting Denza treatments with Reveal Lasers, and keeping it from her and the other girls! 💅🏼

Let’s be honest, with the results you get with Denza, it was only a matter of time before she got exposed…


🎥 @davidstrib
🔉 @josiahhenifin
Had to give our incredibly talented friend, @Dre Woodard the #ADVATx experience with the one & only, @Dr. Harrington from Revive Active & Aesthetic! 💪⚡️⚡️

Dre, who’s currently modeling & acting in LA, has been killing it! He’s super busy so he needed a treatment that didn’t leave him with any downtime & is safe + effective for his skin type. ADVATx checks ALL those boxes. ✅

Message us today!

#laserseason #skincare #skinrejuvenation
Laser season is the best season. 🍂🍁 @Katie Welch

This year, let our team of experts help bring you the most cutting edge technology that empowers you to give your patients undeniable results! Advanced plasma skin therapy with #AgeJET is gentle yet effective with little-to-no downtime and the ability to deliver industry leading results! 🚀🔥

DM us today!

🎥 @davidstrib

#fall #skincare #antiaging #lasertreatment
Welcome to a new era in aesthetics technology and innovation. Denza has arrived. #PulseToPerfection 🌟

Unleash the power of monopolar + bipolar radiofrequency with sequential pulsing technology, all in one device. With 3 versatile hand-piece tips, your patients will experience comprehensive, effective treatments like never before.

But here’s the game-changer – ZERO downtime!

DM us today.

🎥 @davidstrib
🖤 @Hunter

#skincare #skintreatment #antiaging
What makes #Denza so effective and unique? ✨

It combines the power of both monopolar & bipolar #radiofrequency along with cryogen cooling. This ensures efficacy and comfort for the patient and empowers the provider to give remarkable skin tightening results!

DM us to learn more about this game changing technology we’ve added to our collection.

❤️‍🔥 @Tasha.lyia

#RevealLasers #SkinTightening #SkinTreatment #NoDowntime #Results #Aesthetech #Aesthetics
That post #Eterna treatment glow will have looking and feeling your best! 🤩✨ @Katie Welch

Let’s help your patients experience effortless aging with the future of radiofrequency, skin tightening treatments. NO downtime and it’s safe enough to use around the eyes! 👁️👁️

DM us today!

🎥 @davidstrib

#skintreatment #skincare #aesthetics
New content, new faces and new technology is all on the way! Who’s ready? 🤩🎥✨

Take a look at this clip of one of our brand new models
@Dre Woodard getting his first #ADVATx treatment from the incredible @reviveactiveandaesthetic in Charlotte,NC. ⚡️🙌

The talent & technology we are bringing you with this next season’s marketing is unlike anything you’ve seen in this industry before. Are you ready? 👀

Stay tuned!

#lasertreatment #skincare #healthyskin
Have you ever wondered how Barbie is able to unlock the secret to timeless, beautiful skin? 🙋🏼‍♀️💖 @Avori

Her secret is out... It’s gentle, safe and effective radiofrequency treatments with Eterna! ✨

DM us and let’s talk about taking your practice to the next level!

🎥 @davidstrib
What makes #Eterna the perfect go-to treatment for every superstar influencer? 🤩✨ @Montana Tucker

NO downtime! So they stay glowing in front of the camera with results that keep improving overtime.

DM us for more info!

🎥 @davidstrib

#skincare #skintreatment #summer #aesthetics
The best type of self-care. #Eterna 🧘🏼‍♀️✨

With 4 versatile hand pieces, Eterna makes customizing treatments for your patients effortless… from the face to the body, and even around the eyes.

DM us today for more info!

🎥 @davidstrib
💆🏼‍♀️ @Cristi
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