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RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association linktr.ee/resolveorg

Everyone should have access to the support, care, and options that they deserve- and cost shouldn’t be a barrier. You don't have to do this alone: learn more about how we can help you throughout infertility, family-building, and beyond at resolve.org #resolve #infertilityawareness #ifawareness #infertility  created by resolveorg with Tollan Kim’s Aesthetic
Fertility Benefits ALERT for Federal Employees📣

Open enrollment for federal employees ends December 11, 2023, and for the first time in decades, all Federal Employee Health Benefits plans will see significant changes to family building benefits. Most notable, all Federal Health Benefits plans are now required to cover artificial insemination procedures and medications, as well as the drugs for three cycles of
#IVF annually, starting in 2024.

How did this happen?

RESOLVE mobilized scores of federal workers to contact OPM. And we made sure #OPM had the same information that HR Benefits managers from major companies receive when employees ask for change. While the changes are significant, there’s still room for improvement.

❗Federal Employees Reminder❗

If you’re a Federal Employee, you can choose your 2024 health plan through December 11th. 2024 Federal Benefits Open Season (See overview of Fertility Benefits on page 7 of the Federal Benefits Open Season Highlights Plan Year for 2024 )

In addition, there are 24 health plan options that provide broader services, including IVF, as listed in Appendix A, but the benefits vary and not all plans are accessible to everyone.

It is our understanding that there is a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plan available to all federal employees that covers IVF services and medications. Please see pages 14 and 16 of the BCBS plan and the additional pages referenced, and as always, read the coverage details carefully before enrolling in any plan.

If you have any questions, please contact coverageatwork@resolve. org. If you aren’t a Federal Employee but would like to bring benefits to your company, download our free resources at resources through our Coverage at Work Program via the link in our bio.

#FederalJobs #FertilityCoverage #AccesstoCare #IFAdvocacy
Today is @GivingTuesday - a global movement of giving. It's also a chance for all of us to unite under RESOLVE's mission towards, free support, access to care, equitable fertility care, and public education.

Your support is the catalyst for closing these gaps and empowering RESOLVE to continue making the impossible, possible.

Give today via the 🔗in our bio🧡

#GivingTuesday #RESOLVEStrong #AccesstoCare #FertilityCoverage #InfertilitySupport
Let's creep it real.

Halloween can be a difficult day for many of us. If you are facing an infertility diagnosis, adjusting to
#CNBC life, moving through grief after loss, and or somewhere in the struggle, this holiday can be a lot.

Today, prioritize what brings comfort and solace, and carve out the space you need. If that means setting out treats or choosing to enjoy a quiet dinner away from it all, it's your story to tell. Whatever your choice, we see you, boo 👻.

#halloween #infertility #pregnancyloss #griefandloss
BREAKING NEWS 📣 RESOLVE has added Model Benefits for #Adoption and #Surrogacy to accompany our Model Benefits for #Infertility and #FertilityPreservation , creating a comprehensive and inclusive set of Model Benefits for employers to consider!

To learn more about how you can make the ask for coverage by checking out resolve.org/coverageatwork. You can also download more information with our coverage at work toolkit.
Thank you for sharing this powerful message @taraschenk21 🧡

“This is exactly how I have felt for the last 7 years on my infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss journey.

Even within the infertility and loss communities there are very few who truly understand how deeply this hurts. Very few understand the pain from 6 miscarriages, IVF, failed transfers, loss after months of infusions and injections, and no answers as to why this keeps happening.

I often feel like I am in a world all by myself and no matter how hard I try to explain it - it’s close to impossible to find the words. How do you explain the excitement and hope when you see those two pink lines, and then to give birth to your dead baby in the shower 7 weeks later? How do you explain how unfair it is that most people who lose a loved one get closure and I just got a toilet flush? How do you describe how it feels to exist after losing six children? How do you move forward with no answers as to WHY this keeps happening? How do you not blame yourself and your body when it keeps failing you? When your body keeps murdering your babies? When you’ve done everything you possibly can to prevent it? I can’t find the words…

We all have a story. There are so many differences in our stories - yet so many similarities that tie us all together.

When you are unable to do something that most do so effortlessly - even with SO much help from science and doctors - you feel like there is something wrong with you. That you’re broken. That you’re not supposed to be a mother…

But there is nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with us. I’m tired of searching for an answer or a solution as to why this keeps happening.

I am tired of blaming myself.”

#infertility #trauma #ivf #ivfjourney #surrogacy #bodyimage #recurrentmiscarriage #recurrentpregnancyloss #babyloss #pail2023 #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #infertilityawareness
For #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness month, we took the opportunity to talk about important questions related to pregnancy loss and more, specifically from the men’s perspective. We are grateful to Dr. Peter Schlegel, Weill Cornell, Demitri Wilson, Co-Founder of Kennedy’s Angel Gowns, Megan Hanson, Co-Founder of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association, and our moderator, RESOLVE Chief External Affairs Officer, Rebecca Flick for having this important conversation.

Visit our website to listen to the whole conversation here: https://resolve.org/the-male-impact-on-miscarriage/
Don't miss out on a remarkable night! Walk the orange carpet and join us in #NYC on November 6th for the 2023 RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala 🧡

Buy your ticket before they sell out ⬇️


#capcut #nightofhopegala #infertilityadvocates #infertilityawareness #getyourticketsrightnow #buybeforetheyregone
October is #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness month, and October 15th is the #waveoflight for pregnancy and infant loss awareness remembrance day.
While we light candles together on this day, we remember their names, their stories, and the mark on the hearts they’ve left behind every single day.

#waveoflight2023 #pregnancylossawareness #recurrentpregnancyloss #infantlossawareness
Thank you for sharing this, @danimorin_ 🧡. It’s #pcosawarenessmonth and we want to remind you to give yourself love, seek support, and continue to advocate for your health as you navigate #pcos

“I know so many girls struggle with PCOS, many have symptons that doctors just write off as “diet, exersize, and a new facial cleanser” without looking into the root of the issue. I went years without a flare up mostly from my hormones being level because of breastfeeding but its been a year since i stoppped and the symptoms have crept up on me one by one. Trying not to talk down to myself as i figure it out again and im grateful that I have a doctor who takes my insurance that specializes in this and if you live in the inland empire I’d be happy to share who it is because i know its extremely hard to come by. Underneath the symptoms is still a girl whos enough its just a season. But the PCOS girls get it. Im going to continue to share my journey and some changes ill make to hopefully minimize it.”

#pcosawareness #pcosmom #pcosmama #sheisenough #facialhairgrowth #postpartumchange
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