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max !!


22 • australian • lesbian y’all my friends now <3 ( u _ u )



#duet with @avery this is what i INTENDED to do (because i was getting things like this). pretty sure it’s just randomly generated. like, shego is right there. my hair is literally green and dark brown. that’s who i was expecting to get.
#duet with @avery also, that was in fact my genuine reaction, i definitely didn’t plan on copying the person i duetted at all 💀#Duet
#duet with @Dylan Mulvaney #greenscreen this gave me great vibes and i wanted to give it a go!
#duet with @max !! FINALLY!! TWO YEARS LATER! I finally cosplayed Babs!! I’m not even finished with her (which is why the wig isn’t styled :P), but I just finished sewing the stripes on the hoodie and I had to make some TikToks! :D Next stop, the ears on the hood! (Which I have no idea how to do. #dcshg2019 #dcshg #dcshgbabs #dcshgcosplay #barbaragordon #barbaragordoncosplay #babscosplay #babsleen
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