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Passing powerful anti-corruption laws to fix our broken political system.


Corruption Is Legal

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Worst. Font. Ever... Will you join the fight to end political gerrymandering and make our elections meaningful again? Go to www.represent.us/NOW created by RepresentUs with RepresentUs’s original sound - RepresentUs
Sick of money mattering more than people in politics? So is #MartinSheen. In a time where more Americans rightfully feel like our leaders don’t represent them, we’re taking action all over the country to #DemandBetterDemocracy. Help us continue the fight in 2024: https://represent.us/24 #corruption #policy #democracy #congress #senate #organizing
Cha-cha your way into ending gerrymandering by either doing your own #GerrymanderingDance (and tag us!) orrrrrr going to represent.us/endgerry to support our efforts on the ground. ⚡ 💃
At #AmericanDemocracySummit, we all agreed on one thing — it's time to #DemandBetterDemocracy. 💪 When you make a gift to RepresentUs, you’re doing just that. Your donation grows pro-democracy movements across the country, and going into 2024 is the perfect time to do just that. Join the Common Wealth and help us continue to Demand Better Democracy: represent.us/cw
Earlier this month, Arizona Secretary of State #AdrianFontes testified before the #Senate about the horrific conditions that election workers are facing. It is terrifying, and something that will only become worse in 2024. Take action now at our link in bio to demand that #Congress properly funds #electionsecurity 👉 represent.us/se #politics #policy #2024 #elections
#HonestGil might not have his daddy’s approval, but he doesn’t even need it if you could spare a measly $10,000 to send his way! 🤣 🤠 represent.us/soth #KeepAmericaCorrupt
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