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Renee: DIY Renovation 🏡


Single gal renovating my first home solo! 💪🏼 Self-taught, learning as I go ✨


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I bought my first house (by myself) in 2021 with ZERO diy experience. I didn’t even know how to use a drill! 🤯 Now I own 6 different power saws 😂 and am fixing up this beautiful old 1914 home—one room at a time 💪🏼 I’m learning tons along the way and love sharing my journey (and mistakes 🙈) Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! ♥️ #diyrenovation #renovation #diyreno  created by Renee: DIY Renovation 🏡 with Renee: DIY Renovation 🏡’s original sound
Winter woodland front porch reveal! 🌲 With my trusty helper: Krazy Glue Craft Super Glue 🫶 #ad

To me, nothing screams FAKE more than visible glue blobs on greenery, which is why I prefer invisible super glue! It’s the perfect little helper to have on hand to secure ribbons in a perfect position and add filler pieces to greenery…

PLUS, all Krazy Glue Craft Super Glue smells like vanilla! The holiday vibes are immaculate ✨

You can buy it with a brush tip, precision tip, or in gel form for vertical application, and the Craft Formula has Skin Guard technology to prevent skin bonding. As someone who’s super-glued her fingertips together multiple times, this is a huge selling point 🤌😂

#KrazyGluePartner #KrazyGlueIt @Krazy Glue
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