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How to handle wedding planning stress:

❤️ Breathe, pray, meditate 👉🏻 whatever you can do to relax in the moment. You can always accomplish more with a clear mind! Take a few minutes to reflect on your blessings; gratitude will help you refocus on the big picture! Remind yourself what this is really all about!

❤️ Try not to overspend 👉🏻 of course weddings are a great place to “splurge” and spend some of your savings, it’s such a special occasion! However, in wedding planning (and marriage!!), a huge burden of stress can result from spending more than you can afford. Just remember in a lot of cases “less is more”… and no matter what you spend, nothing is more priceless than tying the knot with your spouse!! 💍

❤️ Determine boundaries 👉🏻 one can only spend so many hours on Pinterest and tolerate so many cake tastings before reaching their limit. Try setting a reasonable amount of hours you’re able to continue working on each piece. Or, take a break for a few weeks, and come back when you’re fresh! ☺️ and, pick a day to “stop” the projects. Maybe it’s the Thursday when your family gets in town… decide at that moment, whatever didn’t get done- forget it! At some point you want to be present and actually enjoy the weekend you planned!

❤️ Redefine “Perfection” 👉🏻 Interview ANY Bride and you’ll find out some details of their wedding didn’t go according to plan 😳 go in to your day knowing something may hit a road bump, and it’ll seem less catastrophic. (PS - Your pictures will still turn out beautiful even if you’re running behind schedule, or the DJ plays a “no” song!) Decide ahead of time that if you marry your fiancé, surrounded by your closest family and friends, that’ll be enough 🥰 and everything else is a “bonus”!!

Do you have any tips to add? We’d love to hear! Read more wedding-planning advice and conflict resolution on the blog, link in bio ❤️

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