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Watch former Black Panther, revolutionary and scholar, Kathleen Cleaver responding to the question of non-violence, arguing "non-violence is non-functional".   Inspired by the party's radical approach to addressing anti-racism and class struggle Cleaver's joined the Black Panther Party began in 1967 after meeting Eldridge Cleaver. She became the first woman to be included in the Black Panther Party's Central Committee, the highest decision-making body within the organization. As the Communications Secretary, she assumed the responsibility of writing speeches, delivering them nationwide, and serving as a media spokesperson.  #blacktiktokcommunity #antiracist #revolution created by red. with red.’s original sound
As Women History Month begins, listen to this powerful speech by Yesenia Zamudio, a Mexican mother who's daughter, María del Jesús, was murdered in her own apartment in 2016.

María was a 19 year-old engineering student in Mexico City's National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). After going out to party with classmates and a teacher, they claimed she "went crazy" and "committed suicide". A criminal investigation later reported that she was forcefully brought to her fifth floor apartment by her teacher and a classmate who after unsuccessfully trying to sexually abuse her, and as she struggled and screamed for help, threw her out of the window. María went into a coma and suffered head and leg fractures. She would die eight days later.

María's mother alleges that at least 7 people were involved in her daughter's murder. Despite this, following a 5 year investigation, in 2021 a warrant was put out for the arrests of María's teacher, Julio Iván Ruiz Guerrero, and her classmate, Gabriel Eduardo Galván Figueroa, for femicide. They have been fugitives since then. Mexico suffers one of the highest rates of femicide (the killing of women and girls because of their gender) in the world, with almost 1,000 cases every year. Greatly exacerbating the femicide epidemic in Mexico are the often U.S. owned "maquiladoras" or textile factories that operate along the U.S.-Mexico border. They prevail because of U.S. policies such as free trade agreements which encourage U.S. companies to exploit low labour costs in Mexico and in these factories women are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation and forced labor.

It is for this reason that Yesenia's words keep having such a powerful impact: "I am a mother who had my daughter killed. And yes, I am an empowered mother and a feminist! And I'm in deep shit. I have every right to burn and to break. I'm not going to ask anyone's permission, because I'm breaking for my daughter. And whoever wants to break, let them break and whoever wants to burn, let them burn and whoever doesn't, don't get in our way!"

#Femicidio #Feminismo #Mexico #womensmonth #fyp
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