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Red Bird Press


High quality screen printed apparel! Redbirdscreenprinting.com

Our job is to do whatever it takes to produce quality prints that put smiles on our clients faces. With a total of 8 designs, I’m not gonna lie, we had to burn multiple screens and do some improvising in order to get the halftones we were happy with. We spent HOURS on this job, but whatever it takes. It’s not a complicated design, but for whatever reason we had to put some elbow grease on this one. Plus, I always want to impress Tyler and @Heartbreak Club Records lol. With that said, our shop is growing fast, we’re finally putting together a solid solid crew and things are changing for the better. I’ve worked so so so hard to get to this point and am excited that things are finally starting to come together. I’m so grateful for every client that’s chose to do business with us. None of this would be possible without our clients. As we continue to grow our focus is on our organization, efficiency of our process, quality prints, hard hard hard work, and customer service. Big thanks to everyone, hope everyone has a great week!

##streetwear #design #streetstyle #screenprinting #fashion #screenprinting #raleighnc
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