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Real Estate Kate


Quit my 9-5 to chase my Dreams Long Island, NY 🛍️ Shop my links below

2023 - The year I not only had my second baby but also ranked #35 month to date in NY state for @eXp Realty

You really can do anything with hardwork, dedication and a village around you.

Never, ever, give up on your dreams ✨
Sonnys Birth Day Vlog ❤️ Sonny’s labor started at 5:50am. I was woken up by what i can only explain as mild “cramps.” Thinking maybe it was “gas” I got up, made coffee and atempted to start my day.

Stella woke up ealry and joined me in the living room. Aeound 6:30am i started tracking these consistently occurring cramps, since i now knew exactly what they were.

By 8 am contractions were manageable but consistent now for 2 hours so it was time to wake up Steve & call our moms. I called my midwide & had a pep talk. Then Steve, stella and i went for a walk down to the water. THIS is when i felt like I really put things into gear.

We got back home & i was in PAIN. Steves mom walked in the door snd we decided it was time to head to the hospital sinxe we live 45 mins away.

We areived at 11am and i was already 6cm dialated, therefore was admitted since I was in active labor. By noon i received my epidural which i was SO thankful for!! 7cm is no joke!!

By 3pm I was fully dialated, my midwife broke my water for me and after 2 hours of on and off pushing Sonny arrived at 6:06pm. With just my midwife, my husband and a nurse in the room, it was the most perfect, most intimate moment i will never forgot.

Unfortunately during labor I developed preclampsia. More on that later but it delayed us in going home. It was a scary ride, the few days that came after labor.

Thankfully we are home now and ill ride out my recovery here ❤️
#preclampsia #preclampsiaawareness #mamaof2 #realtormamalife #realtormamaoftwo
It’s summer & I’m basically a SAHM who runs a full time business so keeping Stella busy all day is super important!

Getting out during the day or right before bedtime have been helpful in breaking up the day and preventing the toddler meltdown. Some days we can’t avoid them! 😭

I find that taking a day off for just Stella time is so important for not only me but for her too!

Here are some ideas that have helped break up the day/ week. Keeping us all busy and enjoying summer before it’s gone!

🔹Local petting zoo - some libraries offer discount tickets to your local zoos or parks so be sure to check that out!

🔹 Evenings at the park are perfect before bath & bed to burn off excess energy (& it’s free!)

🔹Dinner on the beach! Pack sandwich’s or easy cheese and crackers and head to the beach for a nice way to wind down the day. Also free! 🧀

🔹 Bubble party! Get the bubble machine for hours of outdoor activity! This is used like 3-4x a week in my house.

🔹Water table. I love themed water table play. Basically the water table can occupy Stella for about an hour! We have a waterproof mat to play inside for those chilly or rainy days.

🔹Library. Head to the library for a scheduled class or check out your local libraries, indoor and outdoor activity schedule. Some classes need no registration! But some do so check your local library calendar.

🔹incorporate your littles into your tasks. This one sounds like common sense but asking Stella to help with tasks like laundry, gardening, watering the plants or making meals gives her a sense of pride and lets us bond while getting chores done. (Yes sometimes she can also drive me crazy and break a ceramic pot or knock over folder laundry 🙈)

Hope this helps! Share your summer go-to activities to burn off that toddler energy!!

#toddlerlife #realtormom #realtormomlife #sahmworkingmom #workingmama #toddleractivities
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