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Polyamory education and support - blog, podcast, book, coaching & classes

Take what applies or helps! I am not here to evangelize you into a practice of a #relationshipanarchy tinged version of #polyamory like my own- but if your journey through #nonmonogamy is passing through one of the many places in this landscape I’ve been in the last 17 years, I hope I help a little. #polyamrelationships #polyamorouseducation
Replying to @🦋 just some options - there are many ways to do polyam parenthood that are more nuanced than “totally monogamous” or “a whole polycule parents together” #polyamory #polyamparents #polyamparenting
Replying to @InfinitePolyam | Polyamory we need to figure out how to talk about being manipulative and imposing and negative without saying rules and agreements arent a synonym or insisting all agreements to restrict our behavior are evil. 🤷‍♀️
Replying to @InfinitePolyam | Andrea like, im not going to call it that for me but swingers are going to say “the lifestyle” and aome polyam folks will come from there and not drop it and how do i police that language? Do we make a claim that it must be immutable and those that dont experience it that way are all ambiamorous? I’ll take it but petition for a better term.
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