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New Wraith Heirloom Animations are BEAUTIFUL! We’ve waited years for this! Worth it? #apex #apexlegends #apexlegendsclips #wraith #season16

The Wraith Heirloom Animations are finally here in Revelry Season 16 for Apex Legends. The new Wraith Heirloom Animations are ALL here and they are fire (As i say many times 😂)! Wraith also was buffed with her portal distance, and she can truly rotate effectively now. Let me know what you think about her changes in @eaapex
Replying to @vyronjohnson maybe @imperialhal hit below the belt with this one answer to @nrgsweetdreams #apex #apexlegends #apexfunny

No one knows that this rivalry between Sweet and Hal goes deep. Deep as an ocean. Deep as a, well, a well. As deep as a well. They need healing, and im not sure if we did enough work in this interview in London to help them solve the trauma. Howevwr, i know the they are both going to be fighting for the top spot in Split 2 of the #algs / lets see who can do the best in season 16 of revelry that dropped today for Apex, it could solve this entire debate.
An emotional interview with @imperialhal and @nrgsweetdreams in London for our #apex playoffs. #apexlegends #apexfunny

Who is the best IGL in apex legends? In Apex legends season 16 will have a chance to find out who can take the top spot all jokes aside, especially with all of the changes happening in Legends and the new classes.
A classic. Happy launch day @Apex Legends #apex #apexlegends #apexlegendsclips #memes

Apex Legends Catalyst gameplay for season 15 might be tough to get - but enjoy it when you can! Also, play your games out since there would be nothing worse than finally getting her and having to play down a teammate cause they left the game.
Crazu Success, #overwatch2 hits 25 million in 10 days - still hasn’t beat #apex #apexlegends #apexclips launch 🤔 give me your thoughts! #gamedev #gaming #trending

Overwatch 2 hits 25 million players in 10 days, making it a super succesful launch despite log in issues and other criticisms and complaints. Well done!
AMONG US VR BREAKS THE INTERNET! #gaming #amongus #amongusvr #gamingnews #metaquest Among Us VR Trailer Hypes up the Gaming world for a Nov 10 release
My viewers asked me to settle the mouse and keyboard vs #controller debate - so here’s your answer. #apex #mouseandkeyboard #gaming #consolegaming #pcgaming #apexlegends #apexlegendsclips

Is mouse and keyboard better than controller? In Apex legends, professional players have switched from mouse and keyboard to controller, claiming that aim assist is more important in close range late game fights. Even TSMFTX Imperialhal made the shift to controller, who is famously, one of the best PC mouse, and keyboard players, in the AL GS proceed. Is this finally answering the debate of which input is better than the other, or are both Still kings of their own domain. Certainly in Apex legends, esports, controller is starting to take over. ##fyp @@TSM FTX ImperialHal
How Much Money can a Top Youtuber Make? Lets examine @MrBeast and his revenue sources to showcase whats possible when you build a small and effective business in content and then scale up as a creator. The potential is wild! We’ve seen gamers like #ninja and #shroud get incredible paydays, but the potential is even greater in the long run if you plan your business in the right way!

As a content creator you can earn a lot with your revenue from youtube adsense, but your brand power can earn you 100’s of Thousands and Millions in sponsorship deals, business ventures and product distribution. #mrbeast #mrbeastgaming #finance #mrbeastburger #money #contentcreator
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