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Himalayan Quartz Haul - Special Release

We got our hands on a limited amount of incredible new pieces of Himalayan Quartz with green chlorite and rutile and we want to make them available to everyone at once! Typically our in-store customers get first dibs on new crystals, but for this batch we’re going to release them online before they hit the floor. (Local customers can still snag them and just choose in-store pickup!)

Stay tuned for their arrival to the site this Thursday evening at 6pm!

Why are these so special?

Himalayan Quartz is one of our absolute favorite stones. It’s artisanally mined (without the use of machinery) by locals during a short season that allows safe access to the mountainous area. The peaceful energy of the area they’re formed, known as the Valley of the Gods, combined with the careful mining process makes them truly special. This entire lot features green chlorite and rutile as well.

Metaphysically, green chlorite inclusions are believed to clear blockages caused by stress or traumas and encourage the free-flow of energy through our body’s meridians.

Rutile is said to act as a beacon to a higher level of consciousness, amplifying your manifestation abilities.

The combination of these inclusions and the pure energy of the Himalayan Quartz itself makes these visually stunning and undeniably magical.

This is the perfect stone for this time of year when we’re setting fresh intentions for the season, and is ideal for anyone looking to manifest major changes or seeking intense energetic healing.
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