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Raven’s Buttons


🏳️‍🌈38. Get off my lawn. Artist, buttonsmith, writer, bruxa, librarian, MLS 📚

Replying to @user691097140974 oh internet, at least not as sad as you apparently
Hi folks! I wanted to do another introduction since it has been a min and there are new folks on here.

I’m Raven and I make buttons. I got into the button thing professionally in 2020 while popping up with my husband and partner
@MScottHammond at @Fox & Raven Studio . I draw ✍️ on my tablet but also traditionally, and do digital art and graphic design, as well as collage to make my buttons.

A new obsession was born. Before buttoneering I made some jewelry, drew a lot, painted rocks (still do tho my brushes are too dusty lately), wrote, published a short story once, did gig work for a while driving for rideshare apps, doing food delivery, etc. For a while I also worked as a public librarian, in numerous departments from circulation to technical to youth and adult services. Sometimes I really miss being a librarian, and ever since having to leave the profession due to disability I have at times felt a bit aimless.

So, I am still finding my way. I have lived all over the country and spent a little time growing up staying with my vó (grandma) in Brazil.

My mom came to this country when she was 18 and married my dad who she met while he was on an lds mission in Brazil.

I grew up mormon, went to BYU, met my husband, and then we decided to leave the church after our oldest was born. If you ever want to know why, that is a complicated answer. But I would be happy to answer any questions about my beautiful and sometimes messy journey into apostasy.

Anyways, I am glad to be here and to be in Vermont after we had the opportunity to leave Utah in January of this year. I love wandering, but I feel at home here in Vermont.

Thanks for coming along the ride. 💫
Love love love @MScottHammond and how he constantly supports and uplifts my weird ass self. @Fox & Raven Studio
#duet with @Ali Ryan #Funny Ali captures how I feel a lot.
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