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Tarotorial® Tarot Training Deck 🏳️‍🌈✨Trans and Enby Owned✨🏳️‍⚧️




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All @TikTok Shop 🇺🇸 orders will be shipped out by tomorrow! We’re aware of some auto cancel bugs — we’re reaching out to those customers impacted and working with out Account Manager to get that ironed out.

If your order does autocancel, don’t fret — you’ll get a refund and you can reorder. We’re seeing if you can reuse those first coupons. If not, we’re seeing if we can create a custom coupon to cover the same % off.

Restock will happen next week!

#tiktokshop #tarot #tarotorial #witchtok #tarotok
This account is our only active account. We have another thats a placeholder for #tarotorial , because we have people tryjng to snag that name everywhere. 🙄

If someone reaches out to you with a username that’s similar to ours, please report and block them. Most large creators have fake/spoof accounts popping up regularly (it’s almost daily for us). We have a lawyer that takes care of these and has them down fairly quickly. This isn’t a problem unique to us.

I know folks think they’re helping when they send messages to warn us of this stuff, but our inbox gets very overwhelmed by them.

We get hundreds of messages, and it keeps the team from addressing customer issues. I love the eagerness to help — but if you could just report and block, that’d be WONDERFUL! Please don’t fall for these knuckleheads.

These spoof issues are also why we completely stopped doing monthly giveaways on TikTok. 😐 We’re just as annoyed as you are.

#spoofaccount #fakeaccount
#Tarotorial was created by an AuDHD stroke survivor who wanted to bring a different kind of Tarot training aid to the community. Shop now with the link on this video! #tarottok #tarot #tarotreader #tarotcards #tarotok #witchtok
#stitch with @Makayla The thing to do the thing is in my b i oooo. Let’s get our girl out of Florida! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 #trans #transrights #escapingflorida #lgbt
Replying to @Arrianna They’re not too terribly damaged! For anyone unaware —we sell imperfect decks on our website, so these aren’t the decks you’re buying from our TikTok Shop. Just fyi!

Each card is fully legible, and nothing is too overtly marred. There may be issues with the coatings, the trimming, or the edges of some cards. Booklets may be printed on too thin of a paper stock for our liking (most imprrfect decks have the thinner booklets). And the tuck boxes might have little goofs like this one. This is the worst of the worst as far as the imperfect tuck boxes go.

Anything else that’s too far gone gets shredded and prepped to make handmade ritual/spell paper. Thats something we’re adding to the shop soon, btw! They have herbs and dried flowers in them, and a pretty frayed edge.

We really try to be conscious of our footprint and overall waste as a company, so we reuse lots of packing materials and recycle as much product waste as we can to avoid putting things in landfills. Hope that helps!

#tarotorial #witchtok #tarot
Replying to @Rose Rose has apologized, and everyone needs to chill. I appreciate that the folks on here are so protective, but Rose is also one of our own. They made a comment and apologized. Very genuinely, and multiple times.

We really need to give folks grace, because we ALL screw up. They’re neurodivergent, like me, and tone can often be lost in comments. Their intent was truly a statement of opinion and wasn’t at ALL meant to harm.

Making threats to a creator for something like this isn’t okay, and opens up a bigger issue of cyberbullying. That’s what y’all are doing to Rose, and it’s NOT okay. I won’t tolerate it.

Rose, I’m so sorry this is happening. ♥️
Replying to @Kimberly Avila 🧿🖤 Thanks so much for ordering! While you wait for it to arrive, you should totally get a reading from @Brayde ♥️ New products will hit the store on Saturday! #tiktokshop #packingorders #tarotorial #packanorderwithme #tarot #witchtok
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