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Rainbow Crate Book Box


US-based inclusive LGBTQIA+ book box! Use code TIKTOK5 for discount on 1st box!

🌈Happy Wednesday Rainbow Readers! Happy Bisexual/Biromantic Awareness Week or Bi Week! We have featured several books and items with bisexual characters and can’t wait to keep featuring them!

Tell us your favorite underrated book with a bi main character!

Books in order of appearance:
The Fate of Stars by SD Simper
Echo After Echo by A.R. Capetta
I Am Not Your Chosen One by Evelyn Benvie
Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao
The Rules & Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic by FT Lukens
Just Your Local Bisexual Disaster by Andrea Mosqueda
The Unbroken by C.L. Clark
Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor
Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells
City of Shattered Light by Claire Winn
Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault
Gearbreakers by Zoe Hana Mikuta

Song: The Good Life - Giulio Cercato

[Video Description: A cover photo is displayed for three seconds. It features twelve books in three rows of four books each. Along the top of the books are two bi coasters and bi color wax candle sets on each side of them. Along the sides of the books are flowers in bi colors. Overlaid is an opaque white rectangle with white text in bi colored outlines reading “I’m Bi Actually Book Recs”. Video after consists of the above books filmed in a snake pattern starting from the top left corner. End description.]

#Bisexual #Biromantic #BisexualBooks #BisexualPride #BiWeek #BisexualAwarenessWeek #RainbowCrate #QueerBooks #QueerReader #QueerBookstagram #BookRecs
🌈 Hey Reading Rainbows! We are so very excited to inform you that our first ever Rainbow After Dark or R.A.D. Crate is shipping! The August box theme was Hot Blooded and each box will feature a hardcover of Contract Bound by Elle Mae (@Elle Mae Books ) and Lord of Eternal Night by Ben Alderson (@BenAldersonAuthor )! These books have so many cool customizations and we hope y’all love them as much as we do!

We will be hosting a photo challenge in September for these books and we will have teasers leading up to our theme announcement for the November box on Sept 25th! We are currently on a waitlist for this subscription and you can sign up for it on our website!

If you have any questions , ask below or check out our R.A.D. FAQ on our website!

[Video Description: The first frame is a still with a yellow Caution: rapidly flickering images for one second. A neon rainbow lights up a dark brick wall. The rainbow has the letters RAD splashed across it at an angle, and “Rainbow After Dark” in small letters underneath. The sign flickers periodically. The words “Shipping Now!” fade into view and everything flickers a couple times quickly. End Description.]

#RainbowAfterDark #Subscription #RAD #QueerBookBox #QueerBooks #Vampire #HotBlooded #LordOfEternalNight #BenAlderson #ContractBound #ElleMae #SmuttyBooks #SpicyBooks #SpecialEdition #SpicyRomance
🌈Hey Rainbow Readers! We’re here to celebrate Nonbinary Awareness Week with some book recommendations! We have featured four books with MCs under the nonbinary umbrella as our books and several items throughout the last three years. We hope we get to keep featuring nonbinary characters!

Tell us your favorite underrated book with a nonbinary main character!

Books in order of appearance:
The Mermaid, The Witch & The Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Bianca Torre is Afraid of Everything by Justine Pucella Winans

The Genesis of Misery by Neon Yang

Lark & Kasim Start a Revolution by Kacen Callender

Spell Bound by F.T. Lukens

The Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole Novoa

Man O’War by Cory McCarthy

And They Lived by Steven Salvatore

Ander & Santi Were Here by Jonny Garza Villa

Baker Thief by Claudie Arseneault
The Bruising of Qilwa by Naseem Jamnia

Song: Splendor Dysphoria by Superknova (@SuperKnovaMusic owns all rights to this song)

Video Description: a cover image appears for three seconds with an oblong wood slice that has a nonbinary pride heart pin. Around the log are yellow, white, purple and black flowers. Above the log is a rainbow crate logo on cardboard and a yellow-green pencil roll holder with art of Devin on it, em is a white nonbinary person with blonde hair wearing a long sleeve nonbinary striped shirt, jeans and two different colored converse. Overlaid is an opaque black rectangle with white text in nonbinary colored outlines reading “Nonbinary books for nonbinary awareness week”. Video after consists of the above books being stacked on top of each other on the described background of the cover image. End description.

#Nonbinary #NonbinaryBooks #NonbinaryPride #NonbinaryBooksta #NonbinaryAwarenessWeek #RainbowCrate #QueerBooks #QueerReader #QueerBookstagram #NonbinaryBooksIveRead
Replying to @Kayla not really sure why anyone would question the Good Word of Percy Jackson. But here is your answer. #booktok #books #pjo #percyjackson #riordanverse #thesunandthestar #greenscreen
We have good news! Due to unexpected demand we have been given the okay from the publisher to do another run of The Sun and the Star with the exclusive dust jacket and book plate outside of the box!This is the absolute last sale we will hold for this edition, so once they are gone, they are TRULY GONE.

You can preorder this edition now on our website! Visit through our story or bio links! The preorder window will be open from 12:00 AM EDT 27th June to 11:59 PM EDT 4th July. That is one whole week for you to order. During this time we will NOT sell out. All of these orders will be guaranteed.

Some important information:
-This is a preorder and will not be shipped immediately.
These will be expected to ship out Late August/Early September. We will post updates as we get it.
-The purchase will only include the hardcover book, the secondary exclusive dust jacket with art by @Alessia.Trunfio, and the digitally signed bookplate with art by @Velinxi
-The purchase will not include the spoiler card art by @Ace_Artemis_Fanartist or the author letter from both authors. Those are exclusive to the box.
-The price will be $24.99 USD plus shipping and handling.
We are not responsible for any customs or import charges.
Payment will be taken at checkout!
-We do ship internationally and any exceptions can be found on our shipping FAQ, along with the approximate cost.

We're so thankful to both the artists who have created art for this book and being able to support @MarkDoesStuff and Rick Riordan!

#TheSunAndTheStar #MarkOshiro #RickRiordan
#NicoDiAngelo #WillSolace #Solangelo #CampHalfBlood #PercyJackson #GreekMythology #AlessiaTrunfio #Velinxi #booktok #books #reader #bookworm #pjo #heroesofolympus #fantasybooks #greekbooks #greekmyths #specialeditionbooks #collectorsedition
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