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Rachel Fusaro 🐶 Dog Tips


Train & feed your 🐶, better! Vet Chats, Recipes & Reviews 👇 My Pet Favs👇



✨THE Official Dog Food Review Series✨

Friendly PSA: this is based on my (very picky) personal opinion, NOT intended to “bash” a brand (though I hope these reviews inspire brands to do better 😉)

For me, I’d never feed this brand based on the use of low quality filler ingredients (rice, rice bran) & a hefty list of vitamin synthetic packs (which are known to not be as nutrient bioavailable as deriving nutrients from real WHOLE foods)

Sourcing is questionable, & they claim “farm raised” sourcing which legally and technically means nothing - so to me this *APPEARS* as if they’re using at least some factory farmed meats which is a 🚩, and it appears this is a FEED grade food- which if that’s the case, makes everything worse (ive reached out to verify, but no reply 😔)

Human grade: fit for human consumption 👍

Feed grade: UNFIT for human consumption 👎 (I only feed human grade foods)

I DO like that they don’t use meals/meat meals, and meat is in the beginning of the ingredient deck, BUT

Their use of carrageenan (known to cause loose stool/GI upset) & “natural flavors” is indicative of a food I would avoid

Especially for the price, I personally feel there’s far better options. That said, i wouldnt say it’s the worst food in the market, but it’s not one id give to my animals👇

Tag the brand I should review next in comments, & let me know if you agree/disagree with my review 👀

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IT’S HERE, THE one & only official dog food review series!👇

Comment & TAG the brand I should review next👇

🔹Find THIS brand on my ✨dog food list✨ linked in my bio 🔹

Cliff Notes:
✔️ LOW carb food -because DOGS SO NOT HAVE A BIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENT for carbs. And since we know excessive carbs can be harmful to dogs, this food’s use of protein & nutrient dense foods is refreshing 🙏 remember, most kibbles are 40-60% carbs, whereas this food is ~2% carbs

✔️ Look at the ingredients and compare to most any other brand out there - it speaks for itself, which should be no surprise because it’s:

✔️ Formulated by my friend/mentor & pet health hero Dr. Becker (world’s most trusted Veterinarian) 🙏

✔️ They offer puppy & adult formulas WITHOUT the use of vitamin synthetic packs 👏

✔️ I personally know the owners (no this isnt sponsored❤️) It is a small family owned brand

Now, this is what I would consider a premium food with responsible sourcing, so it will cost more than kibble

But remember, this is real Whole Foods. It mimics the way dogs were supposed to eat, and if you can’t afford a completely fresh food diet- THAT’S OK!

Using as a meal topper is a ✨fabulous✨ way to add life to the bowl 🥣 It’s not all or nothing, it’s knowing that a little bit goes a long way 🐾

What other brands should I review? 🤔

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#duet with @faetheservicedog If they’re TOO nervous to get inside the tub, start NEXT to the tub - playing games (like tug of war) and feeding meals👇

Don’t rush the process, keep it positive & short “play” sessions, also

When you finally start bathing, only use (truly) pet safe gentle shampoos/conditioners. Too many poor quality products in the big pet stores, with added known irritants 😔

My favorite brand Nayked pet in my bio

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#dogbath #anxiousdog #newpuppy #nervousdogs #doggrooming #newdog #puppymom #dogmom #doghack
#duet with @reevcon I agree poodles are definitely the maximal design 🤩

Any others you’d change? Where would the rescue or mixed breeds fall?! 😜

#dogfunny #dogmom #petparent #dogmomlife #dogbreeds #dogtypes
#duet with @danicalleiro I’m telling you i felt my blood start boiling listening to this I couldnt even finish watching

Just another reminder why im not a fan of doggy daycares in general

I do believe there are some geme out there! But👇

The risk to rewars, for me, isnt worth it.

But i leave it up to you, what are your thoughts on #doggydaycare ? 🤔

#dogdaycare #doggroup #doggydaycareproblems #dogmomstruggles #anxiousdog #crazydogmom
#duet with @timconwayjrshow Did anyone else’s heart SINK when they saw the husky?! 💔

Thankfully the dog is safe, but this is a great reminder of why i an personally not a fan of off leash for most dogs

Do you let your dog off lead? 🤔

#dogrescue #breaking #dogtrainingmistakes #dogtrainingtips #dogoffleash #offleashdog #hikingwithdogs #dogmomlife #dogwalking #petparent
#duet with @veterinarysecrets Am I ANTI all vaccines for pets? Of course not👇

I am anti-OVER vaccinating before titering my dogs. Titers = antibody test which can help determine immunity!

New research suggests our dogs’ initial vaccines last longer than we initially thought!

ALSO: Im not telling you how to vaccinate your dog, rather, suggesting you ask your vet about titer testing👇

Especially because these are becoming far more affordable & mainstream, one example is Vaccicheck

The goal is not to avoid all vaccines, instead, the goal is to only give vaccines needed or required by law 🙏

If you have more questions, join my VET CHAT video, Friday March 17 at 11am PST, on my youtube where i bring a Vet expert on to discuss this! Search “rachel fusaro” on youtube ❤️

#dogvaccination #dogvaccines #puppyvaccines #doghealth #dogimmunity #dogmomstruggles #vetmed #holisticvet #dogtips #newpuppy #dogmomlife
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