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#artistdolltheusualdolloftheinternet🎥 $QOSArtistDolll High Demand🌍 ⭐️👇🏽


Chip & i 🐿️🤍

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#CapCut haddddda try it🤷🏼‍♀️

My plans are back on for DiamondBlitz💎 now that the trolls died down 😮‍💨😮‍💨

Looking for some serious help with deciding online course options for u ladies 🗯️😅💞
If you are interested in the movement & what its about - dm me on here after 7pm central time 💯🌍

Will also be creating a #series on here , for u guys as well 🙏🏽
#artistdolltheusualdolloftheinternet #barbiegang4life🌍⭐️ #flexyospirit #thenyostyle #icedoutQueen #youknowwhatimean #alwaysbeentheone #FanBaseLinkInBio #thisaintnomovie #youjustwishitwas
This was actually way harder to post than it was to actually do/make. Then thinking of the rignt caption???😅 …oh lord to each their own. Being so transparent online - for the world to see - is actually quite the roller coaster as doing so causes accidental controversy on anything as simple as MY exprsssion of words through spoken poetry. I really was emotional in this which is why i stopped speaking outloud halfway thru- my voice gave up. I really miss my mama - my #1 #1 an of my entire life being on this earth.

So - so be it. Since my mama would want me to be brave & post it .
Yall 19.8k that rock with me - knows wassup in my world 🌍 & ill love yall till im gone off this earth for all the support daily & hardcore motivation from you ladies. 🎀💖👩🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱💖🎀

Now - the trolls watching & having my words go in one ear & out the other - do u want a cookie? I mean that in the most sincere way possible , like i mean thats the most not listening will get you. A cookie.

Why cant we all just get along? The hate i recieve daily is immensely the most intense thing i’ve ever had to deal with, besides being thrown downstairs in a wheelchair freshman year .. Its sad & ridiculous how one cant be ones’ self without another coming along and doing more harm then good.

Anyways- thats all. Imma keep rockin my shiddd for the internet cause afterall its #artistdolltheusualdolloftheinternet & This was the “Last Protocol”


#1andahalfmillionviewsyall #flexyospirit #thenyostyle #thisaintnomovie #youjustwishitwas #confidenceiskey🔑 #missyoumama #dementiaawareness56yrsold💔
Might delete. Shit.

Yallllll that hate truly dont even know me or what my spirit really is like because yall so quick to hate and assume & its honestly gross & a reflection on you…..how is my style, my aura , my charismatic persona making you THAT mad & miserable? Yes braids have a history. But did YOU know MY history of MY life with them? No. So let me inform you.

Im going to say this one time & one time only 🫡☝🏽

I GOT this style done in my real hair WAY BACK WHEN, on hilton head island. AND arizona (at baltimore resort - if yall arent aware - its a 5 star resort & they had older men braiding kids’ of both genders hair. I fell in love with how they looked on me at a young age - i got it done by an older island man at the 5 star restort i was staying at in hilton head (which i went to every other year) all my life, literally since a baby.

I EVEN had the beads at the ends of the braids & i use to play in the ocean with my hair in braids and play football with my grandpa….all i known growing up & what was taught to me was to express myself with accessories weather it be purses, or hats, or fake tattoos or even sometimes rocking BOY clothes and playing soccer with all the boys. as i was quite spoiled growing up i had many options and had access to alot of accessories & was porytayed to a lot of different styles at a young age as i went to Europe twice - to many different countries (croatia, france, slovania, italy, monoco, and a few others . I did NOT grow up in the hood. LOL. I seen different styles of everything from HAIR to TOILETS, TO WEDDING DRESSES.

Nothing was ever the same - and thats what i liked about Europe - the uniqueness of each individuals style.

ALSO- ONE TIME ONLY - MY BOYFRIEND IS FROM LIBERIA AND I HAVE READ / STUDIED / LOVED / PUT RESPECT ON HIS CULTURE EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER - therefore i am NOT disrespecting- i am showing my true appreciation and love for anything yall think im not educated on , i am.

as my personality is what truly defines me - i will continue to do me , as doing me is all i can do, correct? Its impossible to wake up and be / do someone else. All u CAN do is BE THE CONFIDENT YOU , you were born to be. so i do it, and i do it to a T.

You know what they say - if you have haters you doin somethin right

If you read till now- i rocks witchu .
I HAD to touch on the topic before i went live again.
Love yall that rock with me frfr its always gon be

#artistdolltheusualdolloftheinternet #overamillionviews #flexyospirit #thenyostyle #confidenceiskey🔑 #itsyourpath #moldithowyouwant #3Cs #thisaintnomovie #youjustwishitwas
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