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Purple Path By Dr. J


Dope woman with a Dope soul! God is! Www.purplepathbydrj.com



#CapCut thank God for being recognized for my work and contribution to Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices. Momma, ill always make you proud! God is! I rocks it!
#CapCut my husband - my BFF suffered a massive heart attack and stroke last year! He was deemed brain dead but God said, “Don’t give up!”
#CapCut LET’s GO!! I have tk keep pushing forward! I’ve come too far to only come this far! God is!
#CapCut #healingismyportion #GodsHoodedGirl LINK IN BIO for all events! You should be there!
#CapCut this is what continuous healing looks like baby! God is! #healingismyportion #GodsHoodedGirl
#CapCut Happy Friday! I’m pushing through!!!!
#CapCut every Tuesday is my day to myself. I care fo lr my husband full-time and lets not talk about all my other responsibilities. God is!
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